Monday, October 19, 2015

Fifty Things I've Done

A lot of times when we reach milestone birthdays we start panicking about all the things we have yet to do! And we make lists about all those things (and yes that'll probably be one of the lists I end up sharing!) BUT, I thought it would be fun to think back in my life and make a list of all (well some) of the cool things I've actually DONE. Its a great exercise to make one realize how great life has been and how lucky we really are!

So, please enjoy my latest list in the countdown to fifty:
(with some links to past blog posts or fun YouTube videos to prove the thing being mentioned!)

Fifty Things I’ve Done

  1. had four kids
  2. graduated from college
  3. wrote a blog
  4. stood on the Eiffel Tower (I'm embedding this one because we created it just now so you could see the proof!)
  5. waded in the Mediterranean
  6. loved a pet
  7. made lots of quilts
  8. wrote a book
  9. visited the town in Switzerland where my great grandpa was born
  10. decorated a cake
  11. bought a house
  12. planned two weddings, three if you count my own
  13. went to Hawaii
  14. walked on Tower Bridge in London
  15. walked where ancient Roman emperors walked

  16. seen the Grand Canyon from both rims
  17. made curtains for all the windows in my house
  18. compiled the life stories for all four grandparents
  19. work(ed) at a library
  20. waded in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  21. been to Canada (barely) and Mexico
  22. seen Paul McCartney, live, in concert
  23. talked at a funeral
  24. grown my own tomatoes
  25. sewn Halloween costumes
  26. taken, processed, developed and printed my own pictures
  27. been to an Olympic event
  28. seen the Olympic torch run by
  29. waterskiied
  30. snowskiied
  31. saw Star Wars in 1977
  32. seen Donny Osmond, live,  in Joseph
  33. seen Carol Channing, live, in Hello Dolly
  34. been to a Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg Austria
  35. survived Y2K
  36. felt an earthquake
  37. floated on the Great Salt Lake
  38. taken pictures, blown them up and framed them in my house
  39. bought my own domain name (even though it’s still not public!)
  40. seen Cats on Broadway in New York
  41. seen The Mousetrap in London


  1. What an awesome idea and an awesome list! I hope my own list will be this interesting in 8 years. I'm going to have to work on it.

    1. Chris: I'm sure it will be totally awesome!

  2. What a great list! It makes me want to start one. Sadly, it wouldn't be as interesting. :-)

    1. Vasilly: Of course your list will be fascinating!

  3. When I saw what your list was I knew it would be an interesting read. I was right. You've done some awesome things. Several, of which, I hope to do one day.

    1. Jenny: You've done tons of things on my list and you're much much younger!

  4. This is so great! I need to do this next year - much more positive than listing the things I haven't done!

    1. Allison: It's kinda fun to see all the fun things! I still plan on doing the other kind too, because I think once it's written down it's tons more likely to come true...

  5. You've done some fun things, many of which I'm jealous about! :D

    1. Jenni: You still have tons of time to "catch up!"

  6. Impressive! I've only done a few of these things. I love that you and your family are so adventurous -- it's fun to live vicariously through you :)

  7. This is a great idea! I will have to remember that when I start panicking at this milestone birthday.

  8. Amazing!!!! I absolutely love this idea! I need to remember it for myself!



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