Friday, November 13, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E5: Now (Spoilers)

Wow, it's already been almost a week since we watched this episode. Wonder if I can remember what happened...

We have rejoined the story after a little break last week, and everyone is there... except Glenn of course. And Daryl and Sasha and Abraham, who are still out leading walkers down the road. And for some reason there was no Carol, or Eugene or dumb priest guy either.

This one was about Jessie and how she finds her survivor groove. And Deanna and how she seems to be losing it (especially when she defends herself against the sudden appearance of a walker and stabs him in the HEART!) And Rick and how he helps the two of them. And Aaron and Maggie, who go on a search for Glenn.
Aaron, a really nice guy.

So Maggie is off on a mission, and do you blame her? And Aaron, who I really loved in this episode, makes her let him help her. Which is a good thing because when they get down in the sewer pipe, she just about doesn't make it when attacked by a really creepy looking walker. At the end of the pipe, they realize they still can't get out. (Oh, I forgot to mention that the walkers that have escaped from the big pit crowd because of the horn are now all piling up against the wall.) That's when Maggie confesses that she is pregnant and Aaron hugs her. And I swear I already knew this news about Maggie. Didn't they hint, fairly obviously, about this awhile back? Either that or I dreamed it up because this was not a shocker to me.
Maggie almost loses to this disgusting walker.

Anyway, poor Maggie can't get out to rescue Glenn, (because rescuing IS what he needs, right? RIGHT?) and so that's very sad. Weep worthy sad!

Carl has some words with Ron (right?) and Ron is bugged at him. He thinks Carl is crazy for wanting to find Enid. He tells Rick and Rick is off to find him, leaving Ron at the lookout. This all does not bode well for some reason.

Deanna is crazy. I just really don't know what else to say about her. Hopefully she'll pull it together.

After not killing a walker.

The doctor girl (what's her name? Denise?) and Tara share a moment. I saw that one coming from a mile away.

And then Rick kisses Jessie, which I totally enjoyed, even though Jessie is getting on my nerves lately. Kissing is much needed in this show I'm thinking.

What else happened that I forgot about? One thing... no one new was killed! Only walkers! Some of them those awful W dudes!

OH!! Remember how we left Rick stuck in the RV being surrounded by walkers? And then suddenly he was back safe and sound in Alexandria? HOW???? Well, I guess we are to assume he just got out and started running, because his story picks up with him running and screaming at the wall to be let in. So, I guess he just ran home, walkers at his tail. But, that was strange and choppy to me, that we didn't actually SEE him get out of that jam.

Rick and the walkers that chased him.

We still don't know what's up with his hand, do we?

Next week it looks like we join Daryl with some adventures he's having. But still... no Glenn?


  1. Someone new does die... The girl that cuts her wrist... becomes a walker and Jesse has to kill

  2. I liked this episode and they did hint at Maggie being pregnant, but they never said anything. And, I didn't see the Tara and Denise thing coming. I did see the Rick and Jessie thing coming. I still want to know what's wrong with Rick's hand too if it's important... And, I think Glenn is alive. I don't know how, but I do. I'm holding out hope.

  3. I totally agree that the beginning with Rick running was totally random! Running just does not seem plausible, and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with his hand this episode. I felt that it was all just kind of weird.

    I was not surprised with the Maggie thing, but I've read the books. There still seems to be a few parallels between the two.



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