Monday, November 9, 2015

Fifty Things I've Learned

Today is the last of my countdown to 50 lists! Birthday week has arrived. (Ugh.) But, I hope you've enjoyed them. I've had fun thinking them up and stretching my brain a little to do so.  Anyway.... here's fifty things I've learned so far.

Fifty Things I’ve Learned

  1. going to movies is fun, just do it
  2. life usually won’t turn out how you think it will
  3. embrace your passions
  4. exercising doesn’t always work
  5. having kids messes up your body
  6. but it makes Christmas more fun
  7. traveling is fun and hard
  8. loud music is good for you
  9. sometimes you just have to say, it doesn’t matter
  10. you are never too full for ice cream
  11. no matter how old you get you still feel like a teenager inside
  12. if you worry about something sometimes it happens
  13. if you dream about something sometimes it happens
  14. you can write a book if you actually sit down and type some words out
  15. chocolate solves a lot of things
  16. as does listening to Josh Groban
  17. if you lay down to have a nap, the phone will ring or the door will knock
  18. don’t give up
  19. don’t believe everything you read/see/hear/watch
  20. hang in there, tie a knot in your rope if you need to
  21. always having something to look forward to is good thing
  22. being judgmental accomplishes nothing
  23. always be yourself
  24. and sometimes yourself is a little different in different situations, which is okay
  25. read whatever you want
  26. do something fun every day and don’t feel guilty about it
  27. be flexible and spontaneous
  28. pets are both a pain and soothing for the soul
  29. life happens fast, don’t procrastinate stuff
  30. enjoy kids when they are little
  31. enjoy them when they are big too
  32. life is good even when it feels like it’s not
  33. if you say you’ll do something, do it
  34. pick your fights wisely
  35. be nice, even if you don’t feel like it
  36. smile a lot
  37. food is good for you, eat it
  38. getting old, it happens
  39. and it’s also a good thing since it means you’re alive and all
  40. if you mop the floor, it will be dirty again the next day
  41. reading, writing and watching makes you have ideas
  42. just like the math teacher said, you will use math in your life no matter you chosen vocation
  43. you can never have too many notebooks, pens, or books
  44. as soon as you leave the grocery store and get in the car, you’ll remember something else you needed
  45. take a book everywhere, because you never know when you’ll want it
  46. create, create, create
  47. having dessert for dinner now and then won’t kill you
  48. sometimes it’s okay to get rained on
  49. if you put stuff on hold at the library, they will all become available on the same day
  50. if all else fails, be happy and be nice

What things have you learned so far in your life?


  1. Love it! I've really enjoyed your lists. I love #17. Everytime I lay down for a nap, the phone rings. So annoying!

  2. I love this list, Suey! And now I need to listen to some Josh Groban ... while eating chocolate, of course. :)

  3. This is so amazingly beautiful and resonating! I have truly enjoyed your lists, but this is one I want to remember and revisit often!

  4. I love this list. Some many things made me laugh and think, yep. #2 resonates with me so much because that's how I feel about my life. It also makes me kind of sad, but I try not to dwell on it. And, #28 is SO TRUE.

  5. Wanna know which ones resonate with me... #10, #15, #47... which leads me to #4! And of course... #42!!! BooYah!!!

  6. Love this list! Number 31? So true. I sometimes think I enjoy my adult kids even more - they get to be friends, too.



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