Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E4: Here's Not Here (SPOILERS!)

Meet Eastman

So, just as we feared, the story does not pick up where it left off last week and we still don't know the for sure fate of Glenn and Rick. And I'm not sure next week will help either. Oh, the pain and agony! Lucky those who end up binge watching this season and can skip this all this anxiety!

As we all figured from the "next week on the Walking Dead" clues, we backtracked to pick up Morgan's story somewhere after Rick left him when they crossed paths that one time and we knew Morgan had lost it.

He wanders around by himself for awhile, barley surviving, and going pretty insane. Then he stumbles upon a dude with a goat, living what looks like a nice normal life in a cabin in the woods. The dude is so calm and confident about... everything. We take to him immediately. (Well, I did anyway.)
Morgan... what ARE you thinking???

He "locks" Morgan up in cell in his house until he can get him calmed down. When he lets him out Morgan attacks him but this dude (his name is Eastman) has skillz  and takes him down. After that, Morgan seems to chill a little and when Eastman is out doing whatever one day, Morgan saves the goat from walkers and decides to learn Eastman's peaceful philosophy and ways.

Time to spar!

To start, they learn Aikido, a form of martial arts involving the staff. And thus we see why Morgan is so good with that stick! And Eastman says a couple of things that I found powerful and true... I tweeted them:

All life is precious. Everything is about people. Thanks for the words of wisdom Eastman!

Morgan learns these things from Eastman and vows to never kill again. We learn the back story of Eastman (sad sad tale) and I'm starting to get worried about now because Eastman is not in our present story.. so WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM??

Well, of course he saves Morgan from a walker (when Morgan freezes up) and gets bit and so then Morgan has to kill Eastman, though thankfully, we don't have to see it. And then Morgan walks off and sees the Terminus signs. Bam. We are back to the moment at the beginning of LAST season when we were all so excited to see Morgan's face again!

After the last couple of intense weeks, this episode felt pretty slow. But, I still enjoyed it a ton. Eastman was great and I'm sad we can't keep him around awhile longer.

Now, what do you think is in store NEXT week?


  1. I didn't pay very much attention to this episode because I wanted more action. I need to watch this one again and see if I get more out of it. I was too busy looking through all the tweets from others, lol. I was mad that Tabitha died, though. I don't know why all the animals have to die! WHY?!

  2. Every life is precious. Everything is about people... I know this is supposed to resonate with me, because yeah I love people everything fun and funny and exhilarating is centered around people. But some people really suck! All that is truly horrible, terrible, and evil is also centered around people. Genocide, torture... and yes all life is precious... But really, some people just need to die. Because they are destroyers and perverters of precious life.

  3. I'm hoping for some answers!! In the meantime, I really appreciated this part of the story. I just wish it wasn't in the middle of all the chaos that made us have to wait!



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