Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo Week Two Update

Another week down! Everyone says we should be feeling sluggish and bugged and frustrated with our stories about now. And while I'm having moments of those things, for the most part, I'm feeling really good about my story. Today, I managed over 3000 more words, which bumped me over 30,000 total. That number looks so cool! :)

I remember being worried about having enough time this past week for writing and it turned out not too bad. But believe me, this coming week is going to be horrendous! That's why this weekend I want to double up to get a good big pile of words so that if I have some completely no writing days, it won't totally kill the groove.

Some highlights of the writing week:
  • killing off a character, which, while exciting in theory, turned out to be a bit anti climatic in the story. Note to self: revise this bit later!
  •  having lots and lots of sprints with Megs which really ups the word count! They are scary in a sense and awesome in a sense. Try it, you'll like it!
  • some pretty good swoony scenes, but alas.. with the wrong guy! Things will be shaking up this week!
  • stuff that has come up that I really need to figure out and learn more about: weapons, boxing, secondary characters names and attributes, the layout of space ships, more detail in the back stories, more detail in the level of technology this world has 
  •  I decided that perhaps I'm creating world that I can call "steampunk space." I have no idea what that means, but I like the sound of it.

Well, at this point, half way in, I'm happy to say, I'm still having fun! How about the rest of you Nano-ers??


  1. I've been staying on count until yesterday. Need to catch up today. My problems is that I'm not a wordy person when I write so I get through a lot of plot in a few words. I need more plot!

  2. You rock! 30,000? That's awesome. I hope you keep the momentum going during the rest of the month. This week and next are going to be crazy for me as well. Good thing I'm not writing. ;)

  3. You're doing great Suey! I've been doing some writing sprints this week too and I have found them really helpful. I hope your next couple of weeks of writing goes as well as the first.



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