Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review: This is What I Did: by Ann Dee Ellis

Book: This is What I Did: by Ann Dee Ellis
Genre: YA
Rating: A-
For: Support Your Local Authors
From: I bought it awhile back.

Okay, so this local of author of mine, that I've seen/heard a couple of times but not officially met, writes some hard subject books! Wow. Simply and beautifully written, but really hard subjects!

This book is the story of Logan. He's moved to a new school, along with his reputation, which is actually a false one. Because at his old school, and in his old neighborhood, a terrible thing happened involving his best friend and the girl they both liked. And him. Sort of. And he writes about it in this book and says "This is What I Did:"

And his mom talks too much and soon everyone knows about it, but of course, not really and truly. So things aren't too great for Logan. But he tries to deal with it as best he can, and it's all really very sad and very real.

I loved the writing style. It's like this character of Logan is really just sitting down and telling you face to face his story, in his own words. You are totally a part of his thoughts.

Bottom line: I liked it a lot.

Ann Dee Ellis' personal blog is here. And here is her shared (with Carol Lynch Williams) writing blog called Throwing Up Words. Check 'em out!

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