Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Friday

Trivial dither this day:

** finished Mockingjay yesterday! I will wait until next week to post a review I think. But my initial impressions are a bit of a blur. Seriously not sure what to think! Have you read it yet?

** Lion King on Wednesday was all that I expected. Absolutely stunning costumes. And that African music truly does give me chills. The guy that played our Simba looked like an Osmond brother. We got a kick out of that. However, I was bugged he wasn't African American, like the kid that played little Simba was.

** Only three more episodes and our Prison Break marathon will be over. (Except I understand there's a movie called The Final Break, which I'm sure we'll hunt down.) It will be withdrawal time around here after that. The show is seriously addictive. ( I made a YouTube playlist with all the awesome music from this show, click here if you are interested.) Have I convinced anyone to watch this crazy series?

** But then it will be time for new fall TV shows, however, I don't know what I'm looking forward too. Vampire Diaries for one (did you see that Damon beat Edward in Entertainment Weekly's beastly showdown? Very fun.) Maybe Chuck, Survivor of course. But is Heroes coming back? Not even sure. Is there a new series you are looking forward to?

** Utah Book Blogger Party tomorrow! Hopefully it won't rain on us! I hope I see a bunch of new (and old) faces there! Will you be there?

** So I'm reading Bleak House, which is like 800 or so pages. And last night I couldn't resist and started The Shadow Rising which is just at 1000 pages. And I'm so dying to read Fall of Giants, which is, I don't even know, probably 1000 pages too. And Brandon Sanderson's latest book comes out this week, The Way of Kings, and what's it? Probably also 1000 pages. Seriously. This is madness. Do you enjoy huge fat books?

** Still one week to go before all my kids are in school. That will be a happy day. We managed to get all the goals accomplished that I hoped for at the beginning of the summer. Still wrapping up a few of them but still, we did it! Are you glad to see the end of summer or not?

** I just got a box of a bunch of little mini apricots from my mom. I guess I need to go make jam, or pie, or syrup or something! Do you have a favorite apricot thing I should make?

Okay, well. I think that's all for now! Have a lovely weekend everyone. I hope to see some of you tomorrow!


  1. OMG I LOL'd on your Prison Break son and husband are addicted. They watched the seasons all together in one really really crazy week, nothing but PB the whole time. I was trying to focus on other stuff, like LIFE, and they were obsessed.

    Now they are hooked on Heroes. I will have to tell them about the movie.

    Love the Idea of the Bleak House readalong...may have to consider it..
    Amy (new follower)

  2. You could just dry the apricots. It's the easiest. I hadn't even seen that Entertainment Weekly vote but I so so so agree. Awesome!

  3. Big fat books actually intimidate me because a) I know they'll be a bugger to carry around, and b) I know it'll take FOREVER to finish reading them and I'll probably get impatient halfway through and give up. I think the longest book I read was one of the Harry Potters? Somewhere around 700 pages? I don't know if I could read one longer, although I think I've got a few on the shelf, waiting.

  4. I have not read Mockingjay, my 12 year old is currently reading.

    I am glad that you enjoyed Lion King.

    Priosn Break, was not interested before, but I think I will give it a try to see why you think it addictive. I will take a look at your playlist later when I am able to access YouTube...I do like playlists. :D

    Have fun at your blogger party!

    Your kids are not in school yet? Mine started last week. Am I glad? Not really which surprises me because the beginning of summer was a bit trying. I like my kids around if I discount the mess they make. Their fun, so I will miss them.
    How about you, are you glad that your kids are going back to school, that the summer has ended?

  5. I can't wait for the fall tv shows to start. I don't watch much tv but when I've turned on tv this summer, there's just never anything worth watching. Except my Real Housewives of New Jersey. I do love that train wreck. Definitely looking forward to Chuck and Heroes (fingers crossed).

  6. I'm very excited about the Utah bloggers bash today! I can't wait!

    And I can't believe that you're starting so many chunksters. I'm working on BLEAK HOUSE and THE PASSAGE at the moment, and I get a little discouraged occasionally.

    I can't believe it's the end of the summer. At least we have book club to look forward to!

  7. Your kids dont start for another week? Mine started last week. Well and my preschooler doest start until the end of Sept. Woah.

    Hey it was good getting to see you again tonight. Thanks for helping to host such a wonderfully fun event. Next time we'll have to visit more. It seems we kept ending up on opposite sides of the circle. :)

  8. Didn't see this in time for the party. :(

    I HAVE finished Mockingjay. Overall, I really liked it--but yeah, it was so intense, it's a bit of a blur. I would have liked some things different, but I can see why she wrote it the way she did.



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