Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Looking Forward

So this weekend, I've been completely wrapped up in Children of God, the sequel to The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. I'm already having that same feeling I had with the first book, that feeling that something awful is going to happen. It makes for quick, breathless reading, I tell you. And now and then I have to stop just to ease the tension.

But more on that in it's own post sometime this week as we hit the half way mark with the read along.

Overall it's been a good reading week. I finished three books this past week that I need to review soon:

Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr
A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner
and Mistwood by Leah Cypess

This week my plan is to start Bleak House for that read along, and get through the first assignment at least. Also, I've made a small start on The Eternal Ones, an ARC I got awhile back which I thought didn't come out quite yet, but no, it came out last week. So maybe I should read it.

Oh, and then I got Body for Life from the library because my sister is starting to do that plan, and I thought maybe I'd try it too. Ha. I don't have much faith in myself, so I will most likely sabotage it all before it even starts. But we'll see. Anyway, I've read quite a bit of that too.

One month until my book club starts up again! Yay!
A week and a half until Mockingjay! Yay!
School starts for the kids very soon! Yay!
Two weeks until the blogger party! Yay!
A week and a half until I get to see Lion King, the musical! Yay!
Four days and it's my anniversary! Yay!
Two weeks and my oldest turns 21! Yay? Crap.

Wow. Lots to look forward to. What you are looking forward to in the next few weeks?


  1. Good luck with Body for Life. I did it and even send in my essay and photo for the annual competition (I was in the 40 year old category at the time) Didn't win but I had some muscles and a very low fat count when I got done. The plan works, but it takes a lot of commitment.

  2. WOW - this is a busy, exciting time of year for you! Enjoy all the upcoming festivities :)

  3. You do have a busy, exciting time ahead!

    I am looking forward to my grandson starting school, as I will have more time available for me!

    And then on Oct. 2, we're having a book fest (sale and signing) for some Central Valley (Calif.) authors.

    We were supposed to have it this month, but there were insurance issues...postponed.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Here's my salon:

  4. I love it when a book pulls me in and leaves me breathless. I'm not sure I'd want that constant feeling of dread though. LOL Still, I know what you mean. :-)

    Sounds like you have a lot coming up to look forward to! Have a great week!

  5. in the past three days, I read three books which completely took me in.

    Glad you found such a book.

    TSS: Celebrating India's 64th Independence Day.

  6. I just discovered The Sparrow this week and requested it via paperbackswap. I didn't realize there was a sequel - how exciting!

  7. Jan: Way to go! I hope I can at least see a little improvement. I have a problem committing to a diet of any kind, so we'll see.

    Molly: Yes, it's going to get crazy around here. Fun,but crazy!

    Laurel-Rain: The book fest sounds really fun!

    Literary Feline: I know, that dread thing makes me crazy.

    Gautami: Yes, those kinds of books are a blast!

    Alyce: Good luck with The Sparrow. I'll be watching to see what you think. This sequel is pretty crazy too.

  8. I'll be there with you later in the month with the Bleak House read-along if that is the one with Amanda (?) from The Zen Leaf. Will enjoy hearing your thoughts on it as we read along.

  9. Your bookclub starts up again..that should be fun.

    Mockingjay...cannot wait!! Did you pre-order?

    School starts...I am mixed on this one. while I look forward to some peace, I will miss my kids.

    Blogger party? what party?

    OOO fun...Lion King! I wish I was able to see that production but my oldest daughter and Mom did and the both loved it. Have fun!

    Happy anniversary!!

    Your oldest turns 21? Wait! You have an almost 21 year old child? For some reason, i thought you had small children. My oldest is 20...almost 20 1/2. :)

    I am mostly looking forward to getting some things in order around my home without many people underfoot. Problem is, once things are in order they will go out of order faster than it took me to order it.

    Wish you fun with the Bleak House read along.

    I hope you have a great week.

  10. Unfinished: I really need to start concentrating on it!

    Ibeeeg: I reserved Mockingjay, but don't have to pay until I pick it up that day.

    The party is with our Utah bloggers...we get together twice a year. There's quite a crowd. Come if you are in the area! :)

    Yes 21! Time flies, that's all I can say. So yeah, I've got four kids 21, 18, 15, and 11.



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