Monday, August 23, 2010

Joining The Mockingjay Frenzy

Everyone is excited about Mockingjay being released tonight/tomorrow, and I see conversations all over the book blogging universe, so I thought might as well join in.

My Hunger Games story starts back in the fall of 2008 when I was listening to a podcast of Books on the Nightstand. Ann and Michael were talking about YA books, and I could tell they were sort of apoligizing for that, thinking that most listeners wouldn't be interested. I don't get that , but whatever. Anyway, I will never forget Ann's words that day. She said there's this book that even if you aren't a YA fan you're going to want to read, it's called The Hunger Games and you should "RUN, don't walk" to get it! I stopped listening right then and there, worried about any spoilers to follow, and instantly put it on hold at the library.

At Christmastime, I gave up on the hold and got it for Christmas instead. I read the whole book the day after Christmas, even though we had out of town visitors and they wanted to do stuff! Here's my original review.

Of course, then I waited for Catching Fire which was released last September, and read it the day or two afterwards. And here's what I thought of that one.

My quick take is that I enjoyed Hunger Games just a bit more because I was surprised that Catching Fire was sort of a repeat, though a fun one at that, and I totally loved it too.

As far as the Gale vs. Peeta thing, I love Peeta, but I've always felt that Gale has not been given a fair chance, and I'm really really hoping we get to know him better in this new book and that even maybe it makes all those Peeta people think twice about their choice! Maybe. Anyway, I like 'em both, so I don't care really.

I have to work tomorrow morning, so I won't get a hold of the book until the afternoon at which point, I hope I have all mom duties semi taken care of so I can just read the rest of the day. And if I have any problems getting a book, I'm really going to dislike Borders as they've promised me a copy!

What's your plan for tomorrow?

Happy reading everyone!  I hope we all love it!


  1. I've pre-ordered. The package is supposed to be in the mail, though I don't know when that means I'll get it.

  2. I'll be picking mine up tonight at the release party. Debating staying up all night reading or not. Have to work tomorrow. Hmm...

  3. I'm picking mine up at midnight. And, I took tomorrow off, so I could read it all day!

  4. My plan is to hope that the library has it processed by tomorrow. I have it on hold. I know they have it, because I work there and the circ librarian told me they do. It's okay, though. I just started reading Catching Fire. Talk about a Johnny-Come-Lately. :)

  5. ahhh Suey...thanks for saying that you enjoyed HG a bit more because you thought CF was a bit of a repeat! That is my biggest problem with CF and what put me off from the book. My review of CF is not on my blog because I am working on a buddy review of the book with a friend of mine, it should be up this week. Anyway, that did not deter me from wanting to read Mockingjay.

    I feel almost the same as you do in regards to Gale and Peeta, but right now, at this moment, I am leaning towards Gale (cannot tell you why because I don't clearly have that answer).

    Ahhh...I hope you get your copy tomorrow. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. I will not be reading it though until Jody and I get our CF review done, and I have one book I am reading right now that I need to complete. Hoping that by time I get to reading it (later this week) that one of my girls has not dug into it yet, slim chance of that I am thinking.

    I look forward to what you think of Mockingjay only after I am done reading it though.

  6. like everyone into YA I am waiting and cannot wait. I did like Hunger Games better than Catching Fire and I am hoping that Mockingjay ends up being worth the wait. I am also hoping to see more of Gale. I like Peeta, but I like Gale more.

  7. I say forget Peeta (he's a nancyboy). Forget Gale (can you say angst?) She should just choose Finnick.

  8. @Techno Grandma - Funny you say she should choose Finnick. I have not forgotten about him, and it would not be a bad thing for her but I am thinking that is a stretch for the readers to accept unless Collins does some good writing in Mockingjay to bring readers around to him. Know what I mean?

  9. Carline: Ah, scary! I hope it comes tomorrow!

    Angie: I'm wondering about midnight myself...

    Jenni: Lucky you!!

    Unfinished: Better late than never, so they say. What number hold are you? Did you get in early? At my library, if we work there and put stuff on hold, we get bumped until there is no one behind us, so as you can see, that won't work for Mockingjay!

    Ibeeeg: I've always leaned toward Gale, but mostly I'm on the fence still. It will be interesting to see when your Amazon copy shows up!

    Jan: I'm with you... I want to get to know Gale better.

    Techno (Jenny): I can hardly remember Finnick! I need a re-read I guess. Hmmm... when shall I fit that in.

    Ibeege again: I would be very very surprised if she did....

  10. I'm picking up my pre-ordered copy from Barnes & Noble mid-day tomorrow! Happy reading!

  11. I'm feeling so out of it.... Still haven't read any of these.

    I know, I know.

    My friend is hold # 1894 or something at the library! Yikes!



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