Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th Edition of Random Rambles

So, I keep having the feeling that on Friday's I should post something silly and frivolous (as if my whole blog isn't that already!) but I'm stumped. Should I do random one week and music stuck in my head one week? Should I add TV Talk to the line up? Movie reviews? Or celebrity crushes, or maybe a rant now and then? Hmmm... you tell me. What do you want from me?

Perhaps a little bit of all of it? It is Friday the 13th after all, might as well throw caution to the wind.

Music Stuck in My Head
This one song was seriously going over and over and over, in my head, all night long:

TV Talk

Anyone watch SYTYCD last night? Let's just say, my favorite did NOT win. Oh, well.

Movie Review

The last movie I saw (big screen I'm talking here) was Charlie St. Cloud. Yes, we had to go see the Zac dude. And I really enjoyed it. Nice tear jerking movie. Somewhere I read that critics think Zac has a "monotone" face. Seriously? I think he has wonderful expression. Whatever. It was a nice movie. I loved the sailing scenes. Anyway, if you are a Zac fan, you should see it.

Celebrity Crush

No new ones to report. Just the feeling the fascination for the latest still. Having a little withdrawal symptoms at the moment. Need to find season 3.


Can they charge any more for college textbooks these days? Seriously. I'm feeling like they just aren't asking for quite enough money yet! Actually, I think we've been pretty lucky so far. JJ is taking a Greek and Roman Lit class and many of those I was able to find from Paperbackswap and good deals on Amazon. Also, we may even get her most expensive psychology book for free from a neighbor. So... let's just say it could be worse.


* Okay, so who was it that unfollowed me and made my nice even follower number back to an ugly uneven one? Hmmmm???

* Utah peeps! Have you RSVP'd yet? Come to the party! Aug. 28!

* They say it's going to cool down around here. I'm ready.

* Only a week and a half and kid #4 starts school. The next week, kid #2 starts. And finally, the next week kid #3 starts. How's that for spreading out the joy?


Yes, I'm reading them.

.......Okay, scary random frivolous silly post over. Have a lovely weekend one and all!


  1. Fridays are perfect days for random posts, and I enjoyed yours! Have a great weekend :-).

  2. I really enjoyed this random posts as well. Its always nice to get a feel for who the blogger is that I read so much! Thanks.

  3. No kidding about the college textbooks! We've had some luck on finding good used books for both our college students and on reselling them for a decent price after the class ends, but sometimes the initial cost is crazy.

  4. I love SYTYCD but once Alex was injuried I didn't care who won. She is good though.

    LOVED ELLEN that was hilarious

  5. so, being a english major this is especially easy, but with the 3 wk check-out at the Library I have been able to find quite a few of my books at the library, even anthologies and whatnot. just a suggestion.

    the daughter learned "eye of the tiger" on rock band wii a couple weeks ago. she has been singing/humming it since. guess what's been running through my head all day...

    have a good weekend.


  6. Florinda: I love do random posts. So it's good someone likes them! (Weird, I feel like I'm talking Runa all of a sudden!)

    Stephanie: Well, hopefully you're not getting so much a feel for the real me that you get sick of me! :)

    Lori: Yes, that's our plan, to resell later. We'll see how that goes.

    Marce: Loved Ellen too. She is quite the silly one.

    Leslie: We debated getting some from the library, but then decided she might want to mark them up and such.

    The Eye of the Tiger.... great song!

  7. I was hoping Robert would win, but I knew he wouldn't. He could be goofy at times, but his "Cool" number was super-hot.

  8. What!?! I LOVE odd numbers. Much better than boring round evens. 5 and 3 are my favorite numbers. What are you thinking? ;)



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