Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Book: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Genre: Memoir
Rating: A
For: Fun
From: I bought it.

Thanks to the movie (which I probably won't even watch until it comes out on DVD) I finally decided to read this book once and for all. I've been avoiding it all these years because I felt like it would be too whiny and too much "woe is me" and "oh my life is so bad so let me just run around the world for a year to fix it" and so on and so on.

Well, so, it was a little bit of that. And I still think that people who read this who may be going through the same thing (I mean how many people suffer terrible divorces all the time?) and see how she solved it, might be thinking, well, lucky you for getting to just run away from it all. Know what I mean?

It was better than I thought though, because all this time I thought she just up and left her husband (whereas it was actually after the divorce mess was all over) and I thought she had kids for some reason too, which I just really couldn't deal with reading about someone who leaves her kids to "find herself" no matter the situation (well, except abuse of course.)

BUT, all that aside, I totally enjoyed this book! First off I loved the writing. I mean, I really really loved it. She totally has a way with making you feel like you are right there with her, and she has an amazing ability with smilies and metaphors and stories and descriptions and everything. Wonderful.

But wait. Does everyone even know what this book is about already? Just in case, it's the author's year long journey for balance in her life following a terrible messy divorce. First, she spends time in Italy learning about pleasure, mostly in the form of eating. Then she goes to spend time in India learning Yoga (not just the stretching poses we all know, but the whole shebang) and then finally she ends up in Bali Indonesia where she hopes to learn how to balance the two and ends up finding love instead (or along with I should say I suppose.)

I really enjoyed her stories about all the people she meets (I could never do that)  and especially what she experiences in Italy and Bali. The Indian/Yoga section was a little over my head and a little too strange for me. I've never understood the whole not talking and sitting still for hours and hours, and how that brings you understanding and spiritualness. Just don't get it.

Anyway, so I was pleasantly surprised. And I'm now curious to hear "the rest of the story" which is in another book if I'm understanding right. And hopefully some day I can be lucky enough to go "find myself" in travelling.

How about you?

Bottom line: I really really enjoyed it!

Here's the movie trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

For more on author Elizabeth Gilbert here's her website.

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  1. My eldest daughter gave me this book a couple of years ago because she really enjoyed it, but I have yet to read it.

    My youngest found it on the shelf and started reading it last week and has commented several times that she really likes the author's writing style - it is as though she is carrying on a conversation with the reader.

    I think I will have to read it once Mandy finishes :)

  2. I loved this book!! I agree, the first 2 sections of the book were far more successful in my eyes than the latter, but it is still one of my favorites. Probably, because I have a total love affair with Italy!! I'm surprised how many people hate it! Including friends of mine, who I think have a similar reading repertoire.
    I haven't read anything else by her...I've wanted to try her earlier fiction, but there is just so much else waiting to be read!

  3. I absolutely loved the book. Loaned it to a friend thinking she would love it too. she could not get past the first few pages and gave it back to me. Oh well. LOL
    I can't wait to see the movie.

  4. My book club was not a fan of this one. I do wish I had reread the Italy section though before I went to Florence a few months ago.

  5. I really enjoyed this when I read it ... and I've been flummoxed by all the criticism of it and the author.

    I'm totally looking forward to the movie. The previews look fantastic!

  6. I have thought about reading this too, I think it would have been nice to take off after my divorce, but I doubt I would have had the guts and definitely didn't have the money. Enjoyed your review though.

  7. I still haven't read this one so I am happy to see that you think it's such a great one! I kind of just figured I knew the story since so many people talk about it but if it's that good I better read it!

  8. Yay! I'm glad you really liked it. I'm still working on my review, but I really really liked it. :) "Eat" was definitely my favorite part, but maybe that's because I love Italy.

  9. This is one of those books that I figure I'll get to one day but it might not be any time soon.



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