Thursday, July 9, 2015

June 2015 Reading Recap

A Favorite June picture:
The gondola ride in Venice!

Half of June was spent on the trip and I didn't end up reading much. But here's what I did manage during that month:

Okay for Now by Gary B. Schmidt: Supposed trouble maker Doug Swieteck (from The Wednesday Wars) has to deal with growing up and life after he moves to another town.

Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor: This is the story of how 12 year old Addie learns to deal with her depressed and dysfunctional mom.

Cress by Marissa Meyer: The third book in the series where many of the stories come together, but highlights Cress who has been held captive in a spaceship for seven years and finally Captain Thorne comes to her "rescue." She is then whisked right into the middle of all the excitement and action. Review to come soon!

I started a couple of other... This Shattered Word and Clockwork Angel but left both of them home when I went to Europe in favor of taking my Kindle. So I will pick them both up again and finish them this month!

Favorites of the Month: I totally enjoyed Cress and Okay for Now got a well deserved five stars!

Plans for July:

  • read and review Mania, which came out this week and should have already been read by me!
  • finish This Shattered World, Clockwork Angel, and Snow Like Ashes
  • read Animal Farm for book club
That's about all I'm aiming for right now!

How's your summer reading going? Don't you hate it when you don't read as much on vacation as you think you will? I did finish one other book, The Duff, which I'll add to my July list. 


  1. That photo is amazing! You still managed to read more than I do on vacations.

  2. I never read as much as I think I will on vacation. Not even on the plane. I'm really interested to see what you thought of The DUFF.

    1. Jenny: I had a hard time reading on the planes this go around. I felt very motion sick for some reason. And The Duff? I didn't like it much...

  3. Good luck with your July reading! I look forward to hearing what you think about Clockwork Angel. I really enjoyed those ones!

  4. I really want to hear what you think of Clockwork Angel. I hope you get to it soon. I'm in a huge slump right now. I have no desire to read right now. I hope it comes back soon.



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