Sunday, July 12, 2015

Currently: Feeling Jet Lagged

Actually, after four days, the jet lag is receding pretty well. So I think we've just about survived that!

Watching: I started watching Call the Midwife.. a couple of episodes worth. I'm not sure I'm quite hooked yet. I mean, it's good. BBC and all. But watching babies be born, and looking so realistic and all... ah... not sure I want to watch that over and over! I'll probably keep watching though. What do you think? Have you watched these shows? Did you love them?

I watched Cinderella and The Longest Ride on the airplane ride coming home. Both... okay. Cute, romantic and stuff. I guess that's my review for you there.

I'm dying to get hooked on something really fantastic for summer watching. Suggestions?

I'm also dying to go see Jurassic World which came out the weekend we left so I'm playing catch up with it. So sad it's not at the Imax anymore, but oh well. Anyway, hopefully I can make that happen this week.

Oh, I watched the season six trailer for The Walking Dead! It looks ruthless!! But then why wouldn't it, right? It looks like a stand off between Rick and Morgan. Am I right?

Listening: My sister showed me this song the other day and I can't stop listening to it. It's Matthew Morrison whom I love and I guess it's from the Finding Neverland musical? Or something. But anyway, give it a listen and let me know if you love it too:

Reading: I have several books started that I need to finish, but last night I started yet another one... Animal Farm which I need to read (re-read I should say) for book club. Hopefully that will only take a couple of sittings and then I can concentrate on finishing a few others.

Blogging: Still hoping my mojo comes back for blogging. I need some exciting blog project or something. No, scratch that. I don't need more projects!!!

Writing: I only thought about my characters a little bit while I was gone. But I did think about them. And yesterday I tried to figure out where I'm at and what I was doing with my story and I'm so messed up! Anyway. Here's hoping I can find a groove with that again. I want to put the Austrian waiter kid into a story so bad! And so instead of working on what I already have going, I'm day dreaming about what his story should be. Awesome.

Planning: Oh, this week is crazy. I'm planning on a writing chat, a gig being a host for an author (Sara Zarr) at a symposium at the college, book club, and a Star Wars marathon! What else should I plan?

Health Watch: Before I left for the trip, I did the scale thing one more time and TEN POUNDS DOWN! After the trip, it's back up about three or four. Whatever. That's with walking miles and miles a day and eating really sporadically, so I don't get it. Maybe gelato and pasta/pizza every day had something to do with it though? But dang, I sweated off at least five more pounds I know it! Anyway, back to the Zumba for me.


  • My son and daughter in law are living with us for a few weeks in between houses. So that's fun.
  • Now that I'm nearly done with jet lag I'm fighting a stupid cold. I can't even remember the last time I had a cold. Years I think. So that's weird.
  • I'm so jealous of San Diego Comic Con! We need to get all the people to come here instead! So that's frustrating!
  • Our gardening is failing. I think the zucchini I planted was mislabeled because zucchini is not growing. And everywhere I planted seeds, weeds are growing instead. So that's maddening.
  • The air here is so wonderful and dry and cool even when it's hot! So that's refreshing!
  • Um. I can't think of anything else interesting. So, that's it!


  1. Wahoo! So glad you're back. Sounds like your trying to get back into the swing of things.

  2. Love that song - going to have to check out the rest of the album. Failure in the garden is no fun! When you live through winters, part of what makes it doable is the idea of the garden you'll have come summer.

    1. Lisa: I'm hoping to spiff up our space and make it better for next year. Maybe that will help. Glad you enjoyed the song!

  3. Grrr. Blogger at my comment. How are the dog and the cat doing together? That has to be tense. I'm glad you're back and I'm glad you had fun! I hope you get back in the swing of things soon!

    1. Jenni: They aren't doing too well. I makes me crazy. The dog is only here some of the time, and when he is it's mostly outside. But still, there have been some tense moments as you say!

  4. I've been watching Poldark on Masterpiece. It's pretty good - I think you'd like the swoony guy :). Sounds like you had a blast, coming home from vacation is the worst!



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