Monday, July 27, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA Fantasy (Steampunk)
For: Fun
From: own stash... bought some time ago and I forget where

Short Synopsis: Set in the same world as the City of Bones books but earlier in time, this book is about a group of Shadow Hunters who take in a girl named Tessa. This girl appears to have some pretty rad shape shifting powers and it also appears she's wanted for those powers by some high up dude who is determined to get her. It's the mission of our people to stop this from happening and find out who he is. And to hopefully not die in the process.

My Response: I felt the same way about this book as I have with the other series (of which I've only read two) and that is.. . it alternates between being a bit on the boring side to a crazy intense. Boring for awhile, then intense, then boring, then intense. Hmm... so that makes it so hard to analyze and rate and all that. Anyway. I mostly enjoyed it. And I am curious about what'll happen next. I was expecting Will to be a much more swoony boy, but he was really just not that nice. I expect there's something in his background that might explain this, but we have yet to learn that from this first book. So, not sure what's up with that. But since I have the next books on my shelf, I imagine I'll read them some day!

Bottom Line: Interesting stuff, but sometimes it gets bogged down with all the world building and explanations.

Let's Talk About: I find it so interesting that some books can have awesome worlds and magic system sand yet you don't once feel like that author is stopping everything to explain them to you. And then sometimes there are books where it feels like a complete pause in the story just to explain. And I imagine that we as readers will find some one way and some another and won't agree which is which. Fascinating.

Other Reviews:

All-in-all there are more than enough intrigues and unanswered questions in Clockwork Angel in hold a reader’s interest in the Infernal Devices and the next part of Tessa and Will’s story. From Love Vampires

In short, Will's all reckless and daring and has issues with authority as well as some MAJOR ISSUES with LIFE IN GENERAL for as-yet unknown reasons, but he and Tessa also share an immediate lurrrve that he won't admit. From Bookshelves of Doom

This new series stands on it’s own and delves into a new world of machines while keeping it’s feet dangling in the pools of paranormal. From There's a Book

There’s so much conflict with good vs. evil and with the angst between the characters’ relationships in the story. I really enjoy the worlds and stories she creates. From Jenni Elyse


  1. I could not keep these two series straight in my mind. I would have done better to read them in chronological order instead of as they came out.

  2. I've sad you didn't like this book quite as much, but that's okay. I loved it. But, I love the second and third book in the series better. If you keep reading, I'll be interested to see what you think and who you pick.

  3. I didn't want to read anymore of her series. I have heard that that it get's intense then boring. I couldn't handle it lol



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