Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Book: Cress by Marissa Meyer
Genre: YA Fantasy
For: Fun
From: bought it cheap for Amazon Kindle

Short Synopsis: So Cress has been held prisoner in a space ship for seven years. To keep herself occupied, she's followed the story of Cinder and Scarlet and everyone (from the feeds and such you know.) And she's fallen in love with Captain Thorne from afar. Well, one day she makes contact with them and they decide to rescue her. But all goes very very badly. And soon, she and the Captain are walking through a desert, then kidnapped and it's just all crazy stuff. Meanwhile, we are also following the story of Cinder as she plans to stop the wedding of Prince Kai. Also, Scarlet who really gets a bad wrap in this book and ends up as a toy for a crazy girl named Winter.

My Response: It's a crazy fast paced story that I really really wish hadn't ended when it did! So much stuff to wrap up! What about Scarlet? And Cress and the Captain??? What about them? And poor poor Wolf! Ah, no wonder everyone is dying for the next book! So yeah. A very engaging story with wonderful characters. And the tie in to the fairy tales remains genius. Truly. It's amazing.

Bottom Line: If you have yet to read this series, what are you waiting for? Maybe for Winter to come out? Well, then, wait a few more months then read them all at once!

Let's Talk About: If you have read these books, what do you think about the fairy tale tie in? Sometimes I miss them at first then suddenly I realize and I'm like... oh, YEAH! She did THAT??!! :)

Other Reviews:

Overall, Cress was a good read. In fact, better than I expected. The quirks and questions that I – and many others – raised throughout the series are slowly starting to get answered. Meyer continues to grow as a writer, while keeping her ability to bring new takes on old classics. From Fantasy Book Critic

Meyer does an expert job of respecting the integrity of each fairy tale arc while at the same time meshing it with the other fairy tale plot lines, so that it seems as if they unquestionably belong together. From Rhapsody in Books

Cress has lots of echoes of the original story, and I loved being able to pick those out and see how Meyer had incorporated them into her sci-fi world. From Fyrefly's Book Blog

I cannot recommend this series enough. Meyer is truly creative. From Annette's Book Blog


  1. I love these books and while they do have a few issues, I'm always so blown away by the tie in to the fairytales, that I can easily forgive any faults.



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