Sunday, July 19, 2015

Currently: Feeling Surprisingly Relaxed

Listening: I haven't been listening to much of anything this week. More of the same song I posted last week. And loving the Star Wars music from yesterday's adventure (see below.)

Watching: We had a Star Wars marathon yesterday. It was something I'd been looking forward to for forever it seemed. When Jenni, Kami and I realized that Kathy had never seen Star Wars, we had to fix the situation. So we finally did that yesterday and it was awesome. Even though we didn't turn her into a raving Star Wars fan, we did catch her up on some of pop culture's biggest references. We watched the first three originals (eps. 4, 5 and 6) and maybe some day we'll do the the other three. But we'll give it some time before then. Actually, maybe we should do it before December though. Just in case Kathy wants to be part of the Star Wars excitement then! Ha!

Reading: I read Animal Farm this week for book club. Not one of my favorites, but interesting anyway. And now I'm trying to finish Clockwork Angel though it's not one that calls to me during the day and makes me come back to it.

Writing: I've been looking over my last three chapters this week, almost ready to send them out to my couple of alpha readers. And then they can see how my story ends and tell me how crappy/cheesy it is. Woot!

Blogging: We are gearing up for Utah Book Month in August! We have some fun plans and hopefully some of you, both Utah bloggers and non, will join us. Stay tuned for more details coming along tomorrow. :)

Health Watch: It's time to get going on the Zumba thing. I had to recover from jet lag, then I got a cold, then I had a couple of nonstop days.. .and now I'm out of excuses. It's time.

  • I had a fun couple of days hanging out with Sara Zarr as her host for a symposium/conference  event. I think I'll probably do a little post about it this week, so more details on that later too.
  • I just had to run and chase down a sunset. Seriously. It was an awesome one. 
  • I have no plans this next week and it's weird. 


  1. No plans?!!? That is odd.

    And someone who hasn't seen Star Wars? That's odd too. :)

    But glad you're catching her up. Of course, I hadn't seen all the Harry Potters until a few years ago, just before the last movie came out, so I really can't say much.

    1. Bryan: It's going to be a very odd week indeed!

  2. Too bad we couldn't turn Kathy into a huge fan. Oh well. Thanks again for hosting. How strange that you don't have plans.
    I really hope you let me be an alpha reader for your book. I'll understand if you don't want me to read it though. I am a bit scary. ;)

    1. Jenny: You can read it when I deem it "done." :) But it will be scary. For sure.

  3. I'm glad she liked watching them and didn't hate them. But, yeah, too bad we couldn't turn her into a raving fan, lol. :D It was definitely a fun day yesterday. I love the music too and I think I'll listen to it today while I do some reading or crocheting. Good luck with the Zumba!

    1. Jenni: Good plan! About the music I mean. Here's hoping Zumba happens in second now.

  4. I'd love to be an alpha reader for you, too. I'm not nearly as scary as Jenny :)



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