Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Weekly Report

I was going to skip a Sunday Salon post today because, well, maybe I just wasn't in the mood or something. But then I realized it's been a pretty exciting week, bookishly speaking, so I suppose I need to do a small report after all!

Monday: I got a small package from Amazon... inside was Unbroken Connection, the sequel to Taken By Storm by Angela Morrison, which I loved. I dropped everything and pretty much read it that evening.

Tuesday: I got another Amazon package. This time it had Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry, and Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld. It came just in time because that evening I went to the library and listened to, met and talked with Julie Berry and had her sign this new book . She was very cute and fun. And  this coming Saturday, I hope to meet Scott Westerfeld too and then he can sign Behemoth!

Wednesday: This was the day I went to the library to retrieve book club sets of The Count of Monte Cristo for next month's discussion. I also asked them about tickets to Scott Westerfeld and found out they were all sold out, but thankfully Melissa got a couple of extras and says I can have one! Yay for Melissa!

Thursday: Book club! Yes, I hauled everyone off to the library and we listened to Ally Condie! Afterwards, we talked to her, and got our picture taken, and then went off to our corner to discuss Matched. After a few minutes, she found us and joined us for a bit! We tried to remember all the questions we had for her (we remembered most of them I think) and it was just very fun to have her join us at book club for a few minutes. Details on this whole evening coming up this week in its own post. I also plan to have my official review of Matched up this week.

Friday: I finished Bloomability by Sharon Creech, a book listed on Becca Wilhite's Authors Pick Five post which made me feel a huge need to read it. And how fun that she was also at Ally Condie's thing the night before and so I met and talked to her too. I only wish I would have known she would be there, so I could have had her sign her two books for me too.

Saturday: A cloudy raining lazy day, and so I read and read tons of Bleak House.

Sunday today: The rain continues, and I only have a smattering of pages left in Bleak House, and so, I really plan on curling up and reading it until it's done! And watch more of the movie too. And make donuts. Yes, we've a sudden craving for homemade donuts around here and who am I to squelch that?

What the family is reading this day:

Mr. Stuey: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
JJ: Reunion by Ally Condie (when she's not reading ancient Greek texts for school)
Moder: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
Toto: Pendragon #9 by D.J. MacHale

How did your bookish week go?

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