Thursday, October 7, 2010

Character Connection: Perrin Aybara from The Wheel of Time

I've been wanting to participate in Jen's (Introverted Reader) Character Connection feature ever since I first learned about it forever or so ago, but every time I think about it, I get overwhelmed with the vast list of characters I'm in love with! Then I chicken out on the post because I want to make it be some really cool creative thing.

So I've decided to just go for it, try not to stress and simply tell you about whatever character I'm totally obsessed with at that very moment. Then eventually, maybe I'll go back in time and catch a few from the past.

Anyway, the idea is to gush about a favorite character every Thursday and then link up over at The Introverted Reader. Click here for Jen's more detailed explanation.

So today, for my first character highlight, I bring you Perrin Aybara. I'm guessing he's not a very familiar character to most of you, only if you have braved the hugeness that is this Wheel of Time series. But, since that's where I'm at right now, meaning completely wrapped up yet again in a Wheel of Time book, and since this particular book is total Perrin for me, he's definitely my current obsession.

So who is Perrin?

When the series starts, he is a blacksmith apprentice. That should tell you something about him right from the start! He is one of Rand's best friends, along with Mat Cauthon.  (Rand, of course, being the major star of the whole show.) They are from a small farming village, minding their own business when suddenly all three of them get swept off on a big adventure, similar to the hobbits in Lord of the Rings. They are all very sheltered, naive, and clueless, but ready to take on the world and do whatever it is they are destined for.

Perrin stands out to me because of several traits that I just love:

  • very vulnerable and sensitive
  • extremely loyal 
  • self-doubting and unsure
  • shy with a capital S
  • his uncanny connection with wolves
  • his physical strength (the blacksmith thing? Think shoulders and arms here.)
  • dark curly hair, I mean, hello
  • socially awkward
  • loving and kind
  • a quiet, yet powerful leader
In Googling him, I've found several interesting depictions of him, both drawings and fans' celebrity choices. None that I'm especially loving however. In fact many have totally cracked me up. But this one is some celebrity that I've never heard of (Paul Telfer... he played Hercules once or something?) that comes close. Give him curly hair, and yellow eyes and maybe he's almost there.....

What character are you obsessing over at the moment?


  1. I am right there with you Suey! I really like Perrin a whole lot. I am taking it that Shadow Rising gives us a lot more Perrin. I am starting that book today...I know, I know, it is taking me forever to start this book.

    Great choice on an actor that would resemble Perrin. Great choice! Now I have a better visual...yay! :D

    What Character am I obsessing over at the moment? Truthfully, none (if I cannot count Jamie Fraser...I will always possess over him). If we move away from a character then I will say I am obsessing over Matt Bellamy!!! I saw the show last night, and just cannot get him out of my head!

    Again, great choice! I am off to start Shadow Rising.

  2. Oh yes! The concert!! How was it? I can see not getting Matt out of your head, yes, I can see that very very well! :)

    Have fun with The Shadow Rising. Yes, there's TONS of Perrin.... love it love it.

  3. +JMJ+

    Well, I haven't "braved the hugeness" of The Wheel of Time yet, but I can certainly see why you love Perrin! =)

    For some reason, I don't associate High Fantasy with finely drawn characters. My mistake, obviously!

  4. I have a student who adores this series. He loaned me the first book, but sadly I just didn't have time to start reading it. Then, as luck would have it, I was in Half Price Books and found a new copy for $1.00!! I instantly bought it - although I still haven't read it yet.

    I am glad to hear someone else gush over this book as much as my student. I am very excited to discover the reading pleasure for myself.

  5. Enbrethiliel: The characters really are the best thing about these books. So fun and fascinating and dynamic. I'm loving getting to know them and love them.

    Molly: The first book is a little harder I think, all that background stuff. So if you do read it, beware some slow parts and just plow through.

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you joined in! I've only written one creative post about a character, so telling us about a favorite is more than okay.

    I introduced my co-worker (who normally reads non-fiction) to George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, and he loved it. He passed me in reading through them. Now he's moved on to the massiveness of Wheel of Time and he's pushing it at me. I just can't bring myself to start it until there's an end to it! Yes, yes, I know now that there's no end in sight for A Song of Ice and Fire either, but I didn't when I started it. *sigh* Why can't they write faster? :-)

    Perrin sounds wonderful! I like the quiet, handsome types. Especially if they have nice arms. :-)

    Your eye candy up there is pretty nice too!

  7. I'm FINALLY getting the chance to read this ...

    YAY FOR PERRIN! I've been in love with him since I read the first book in the WoT series when I was a teenager, and my love for him just gets stronger with each passing year ... erm, book.

    That said, I totally don't see him as the guy you pictured above (not that the guy isn't smokin' hot!) ... I have a hard time visualizing characters in books, but that image just doesn't fit for me. Still, YAY PERRIN!

  8. Heather: I agree this dude isn't quite right, but he was my favorite of what I could find. Hmmm... we'll have to ponder some more on what celebrity we think WOULD work!



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