Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Friday Rambles

Stuff I'm thinking:

* I am not looking forward to going to a funeral today. The city manager, (thus the overseer of our library) died extremely suddenly this past week of a heart attack. All the city offices, including the library where I'd normally be working this morning, are closing so everyone who wants to can go to the funeral. So I'm going, though I don't look forward to it. We all thought he was the best guy ever. He loved to tease us all, and he knew everyone. Just the other day he saw me and my co-worker as we were coming back from a library errand and said, "oh, look! The librarians got out!"

* It's October! Here's hoping the 90 degree weather goes away soon! Perhaps I'll put up some Halloween decor tomorrow. And sadly, this is the first year in a long time our garden failed on the pumpkin delivery! Usually we have grown 20 or so pumpkins, but this year, absolutely nothin'.

* One week until the readathon! I really hope life lets me participate like I want to.

* After the funeral today, I'm setting up the book fair at the school... the "other" book fair since the "normal" company messed up our dates and said they couldn't get us a fair after all. It's going to be interesting to see if things feel very different and to see what books they bring us.

* I went to the "other" book club last night. We all talked about what we read over the summer. The main thing I took away from it? That I need to watch Castle and then go read the books that this character has "written". Sounds like too much fun! (Too bad Michael Scofield from Prison Break hasn't written some books!) Oh, and I need to read The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain. Yep.

* Last weekend we rented and watched The Prince of Persia and Letters to Juliet. I really enjoyed them both! I think I may have to track down the music from Prince of Persia. Loved it. Tonight, we may be at the Redbox again. But what should we get this time?

* I told James Dashner last week that I had plans to come to his launch party for The Scorch Trials coming up in a few weeks. THEN, I realized later that I can't go because that night is the play that we bought/won at the silent auction during the Writing for Charity event last month! My bookish things are beginning to conflict with each other. Not good!

* Yesterday our library author appearance was Brandon Mull. Boy did he ever gather an enthusiastic crowd! Quite the fun guy to listen to. He addressed all the questions that authors get asked over and over: What started you writing? Why do you write fantasy? Where did you get your ideas? What's your favorite thing about writing? Are your characters/places/things in your books based on real life? It was very fun. (I had to sneak out early to go to a wedding shower, and then I had to sneak out of that to go to the book club... it was one of those kind of nights.)

Well, so that's about it! What random things are floating around in your head this lovely day?


  1. I adore Castle, the show. It's fun, witty, fabulous... but I'm not sure I want to get all meta and actually read the mystery books that Disney/Hyperion is churning out to capitalize on Castle's popularity. It all seems a bit... crass to me.

  2. I love Castle the show, too!
    You do have a ton of bookish events to attend, don't you. VERY COOL. I don't go to enough.



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