Friday, October 8, 2010

Music to Read By

mentioned the other day that part of my readathon strategy is music. Some of you may think listening to music while reading is insane, but I really enjoy it, if it's the "right" kind. And if I plan to read all day long, I'm going to need music to help with the whole ambiance!

Of course, I won't be listening to Muse (too loud and boisterous) nor will I be listening to Josh (where I find the need to sing along) or my latest craze revival, Depeche Mode (more for cleaning and dancing). I probably won't even be listening to Hans Zimmer musical scores because with that stuff I end up really listening and feeling the music and remembering the movie.

So what will I be listening to while reading? Most likely new age music. Last year this really worked for me. I set the computer on a new age Pandora station and it was wonderful. When I got sick of that, I switched to classical. That was fun too.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

(Love the soothing nature of this song... especially when the guys join in!)

(You'll have to skip the intro story to about 1:40 where the music starts.... unless of course you want to hear the story behind the song!)

(Always Enya for the calm soothing stuff!)

(Or there's always Mozart, though not sure I'd call this calm and soothing!)

Will you be listening to music while readathon reading? And if so, what sort?


  1. I'll likely turn on music at some point. Probably just put on Pandora or the local classical station.

  2. Since reading your post where you mentioned that you'll be listening to music while you read, I've been thinking about whether that would help or hinder me. I do remember turning on some music in the wee hours during one read-a-thon to try to keep me awake. Maybe I'll have to look over my iTunes playlists before I go to bed tonight! (I do adore Enya!)

  3. Great idea. For me, it would be this type of music as well for the background while I am reading. Also, this is really the only type of music that I can have on while conversing with others. With other music, I get too distracted from the conversation that it starts to drive me mad. :D LOL

    Have fun during the read-a-thon. I have not participated once...always am working.

  4. I was listening to the songs you posted. I like the Innovators. Reminds me a bit of Lion King type music which I like a whole lot. Enya is always good for backdrop music...I agree, very soothing.

  5. I usually listen to Classic FM if I'm reading, writing or studying.

  6. i usually like the quiet when i read, but if i need something less distracting than the noises in the house (tv,etc) then I like The Shins (Oh, Inverted World), Au Revoir Simone, Guster, Coldplay (XY), Belly, Travis, Snow name a few that I have in a playlist folder... but I do love Pandora!

    love that Depeche Mode has been revived!


  7. Pandora is good, but I become frustrated when you can only skip a certain number of songs in an hour.

    L - it seems that you have a great playlist. From your recommendations of Ours to me, and then what you have listed here. Can you really read and listen to Coldplay? I like Coldplay too much to read. For the most part though, I cannot read with music but the rest of the household noises do not effect me.

  8. Love Depeche Mode! I have a blog just for my favorite music to listen to while doing housework and I've got a couple of Depeche Mode classics on my playlist.
    As far as music while reading, I'll have to give it a try. I love perfect silence (or maybe the sound of rain) while reading, but that doesn't happen much!

  9. I used to like listening to music when I read but now I tend to prefer quiet. If the radio or a CD is on, I usually completely tune it out as I lose myself in a book, and so I wonder what's the point?



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