Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Things Meme

Have you been seeing this one going around? It's been a long long time since I've been tagged, and a long long time since I've done a meme of this sort. But Ibeeeg from Polishing Mud Balls tagged me, so hey, I'm joining in! Perfect for a frivolous Friday post.

4 Things That Are In My Purse:
 1. bookmarks for my blog that I carry around but never have the guts to give anyone
2. a wallet that is ripped up and falling apart
3. gum
4. a little notebook

4 Favorite Things In My Bedroom:
1. a six shelf bookcase full of TBR books
2. a TV which gets watched by all the kids as they lay all over my bed
3. a king size bed that needs replacing!
4. the old rocking chair that I rocked all my babies in

4 Things On My Desk 
(that would be cool to have my own desk, but the desk is a family one with):
1. two computers
2. various and sundrie office supplies
3. video games
4. lots of garbage papers

4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do (but haven't yet):
1. See Kurt Bestor in concert (BUT... I just bought the tickets!!!)
2. Travel all of Europe and see as many historical and literary sites I can.
3. Start a little craft business.
4. Get skinny again.

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment
1. having older kids that can pretty much take care of themselves
2. getting book club started again after a summer break
3. working at the library
4. cooler fall weather... finally!

4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head:

4 Things You Don't Know About Me
(seriously, what's left to tell?)

1. When I was in Kindergarten, I won an award for never missing a spelling word, and another award for never missing a day of school.
2. I really really hate celery.
3. I didn't have to get glasses until I was about 22 years old.
4. I don't get sick very often (now watch me get sick today or something!)

4 Bloggers I am Tagging:
Lisa from Lit and Life
Rob and Heidi
Talbie's Pick of the Week
Boy Mom from Boys-R-Us
And anyone else who feels the urge to participate! :)


  1. So many of your answers are similar to what mine would be, until I got to the celery. I LOVE celery! It's a weird thing to love, I know. But I'm pretty passionate about it.
    Shake the Disease is my favorite Depeche Mode song!

  2. I came over here for the A Bit of Me (Me) post, but found this delightful meme.

    I had to laugh about some of the answers, like the kids lying all over your bed while they watch TV. That one struck a familiar chord with me, although it's been years since that happened to me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Shelley: I just don't get the celery thing! BUT... I totally get Shake the Disease. Amazing song.

    Laurel-Rain: My real A Bit of Me(Me) is now up, but glad you enjoyed this meme too!

  4. How fun! I love hearing about all these little things that tell us more about you. :) It sounds like the older kids in the house might be more fun now that they don't need their every need taken care of? From what I've seen, you have great kids!

    Love seeing more about you!

  5. So funny that you carry around bookmarks that you don't pass out--I have business cards in my purse that don't get passed out either!

  6. Becky: Thanks! Yes the kids are pretty great! :)

    Lisa: I know, I need to make some that are little more professional looking or something, then maybe I'd actually give them to people. I don't know. Maybe not....



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