Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon: Update 3/Hour Eight

What I’m reading now: I think I'm going to try The Mist by Stephen King

How many pages read since last update: 144

How many pages read total: 244

Books finished since last update: One! Calamity Jack by Shannon Hale... very fun!

How many minutes/hours read since last update: about 1 1/2 (and about 1/2 hour blogging)

How many minutes/hours read total: 5 1/2

What the family is reading: Toto finished Pendragon, started 39 Clues book 2, but is now reading Calamity Jack! JJ has joined us doing homework.

What we are listening to: Secret Garden, but I think I'll change to something else now, Yanni maybe?

What we are eating: caramel popcorn until our mouths are sore! And some random chocolate candy.

Distractions: not so bad this time around. Some coming and goings to keep track of with random family members is about it. Lunch will be soon, and perhaps an errand. Ugh, the next update will be bad I bet.

Mini Challenges: Just did the book puzzle one. We got a kick out of that.

Visits Made: a handful this time! Yes, I'm trying.


  1. You're doing really well. I am glad to hear the distractions have died down!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I have caramel apples for this one, yumm. My daughter, however, abandoned me this time around. Oh well. I am having a great time anyway! Keep reading!

  3. Congrats on winning a prize! Happy Reading!

  4. come near me, my dearie
    here is your friendly fairy
    to hug you
    cheer you
    so that you don't get jittery

  5. Came over to give you a cheer.

    Ready Set

    Little Sally Walker
    walking down the street
    she didn’t know what to do
    so she stepped in front of me
    she said:
    hey girl do ur
    thing do ur thing and



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