Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me): House Dreaming

The question for A Bit of Me(Me) this week over at There's a Book is:

Describe your dream home and where it would be located.

Are you sure you want to ask me this question? My dream home would have:

a library of course

a state of the art home theater

a cool craft/sewing room

a work out area

a cozy great room

a country kitchen

a master bedroom with a bay window sitting area, and a deck to the outside

a wrap around porch

kids rooms with window seats

and it would be located in an area that has cool summers and mild winters, and gets lots of rainfall like say the Oregon coast perhaps!

How about you? What's your house dreaming like?


  1. Wow! Great choices!

  2. I'm jealous already!

    Hey, I got this GREAT package in the mail! THANK YOU!!

    October Break is just around the corner and "James" and I have a date! Truly, thank you.

  3. Throw a TV in that Craft Room and I will move in right now!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous house to me :)

  5. Oh my! These are exactly every one of the extra things I'd want in my dream house. A craft room! Oh my, how nice would that be? And a theater? All on my list!

  6. Precisely what I want in my dream house! (Save for the home theater and exercise room.) But, oh, that library...

  7. Nice, very nice. I want a porch - I hate that my front door opens to all the weather. And, actually, I am ready to downsize and live in a small space. I do hate to give up my home theatre if/when we move, tho...

  8. I would love to live on the Oregon coast. I have a very similar home lay out except that I have a maids room. Very important!

  9. Throw in a maid and it's absolutely perfect!

  10. I love that porch!

    I have been saving a Life magazine since 1994 that has plans for "your dream home" in it, and seriously, it IS my dream home. I just ran across it this week and it's still the house I want.

  11. So much of this reminds me of my own dream home, including the location on the Oregon Coast! I LOVE that place!!!



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