Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me): Describing Me

Today's question for this fun meme over at There's a Book is:

What are three adjectives that describe you?

Well, um, I won't tell you the first three that come to mind! Because I'm thinking this is supposed to be a positive exercise! Though, they did make me laugh.

However,  trying to be serious about this question makes me nervous somehow. But I'll give it a go. So the three adjectives I've come up with are:

Causal: meaning laid back in pretty much all I do. Which isn't to say lazy I hope, but more just not stressed about certain things. My house may be clean but cluttered. My blog may be fun, not professional. My scrapbooks may be done, not beautiful. My quilts may be warm, not perfect.  My clothes may be comfortable, not cute. Get  the picture? Yes, casual, that's me.

Busy: pretty much a word that could describe us all I think. There's always lots going on which causes people ask how do I fit in the reading? Well, I'm always doing something, rarely is a moment wasted. I seem to be able to fit a lot into a small space. It's all about multi-tasking perhaps, but yeah, busy is the name of the game around here. Bored is defiantly not an adjective I know. Boring maybe... but not bored! :)

Silly: I feel like perhaps I'm going through the so called mid-life crisis. This is probably making me a little silly. It makes me embrace those celebrity crushes, and crave the rock concerts, and devour the YA romances. Sometimes I feel like I'm still seventeen, which is, if you think about it, silly. BUT, at the same time, maybe it's good in a way, and keeps me young at heart, and makes life, as I sit here at the top of the hill pondering the down hill side of it, seem like fun and not a drag. There's just not enough time left to worry about certain things, you know?

What three words would you pick to describe me?

What three words would you pick to describe YOU?


  1. Yours are good traits to have...and I like that you are embracing the light-heartedness in life. Too serious makes life a little bit much, I think.

    I have my guilty pleasures, too...recently I have discovered the celebrity reality shows.

    To find out about my traits, go here:

  2. Being young at heart is the secret of staying young;)

  3. Okay, first of all, now I'm totally curious about your first three adjectives...hehe.

    Second, I could totally hang out with you and would love it I'm sure! I'm pretty much exactly the same when it comes to being busy and casual. Yes, I keep my blog fairly professional, but otherwise...I just don't have the time to worry about it. Life is too short!

    Love your post! :o)

  4. Ah, to be casual... :) These were great choices!



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