Thursday, October 28, 2010

Character Connection: Harold Skimpole from Bleak House

We have one more week for the Halloween edition of Character Connection as being hosted by Jen over at The Introverted Reader. So today, since I've just finished both reading and watching Bleak House, I bring you a different sort of monster and downright awful character:
Harold Skimpole

Here is a man whose sole purpose in life is to mooch off of others. He cares little for the consequences, even if it's to completely and totally ruin the budding life of a young man just ready to set out and make his fortune in the world. As long as he can sap him, or anyone else, of every scrap of money they have, he's happy. And his excuse for the behavior? Oh, he's just a mere child, he knows nothing, he's blameless in all, he's just a baby, he can't be held responsible for anything.

UGH, he makes me crazy!!!! What a creepy dude! Charles Dickens has a way with creating creepy dudes, and I think this one tops the list. Slithery slimy snake. Ew.

Here's a tiny clip I happened upon on YouTube that will give you just a taste of his ickiness:

Okay, enough of the nasty ones, next week, I'm back to the crushes! :)


  1. I think what makes him so horrible is that we all know someone who is kind of like him. He needs a good spanking!

  2. Totally agree!! Why did they even let him hang around??

  3. I'm irritated just from that clip! He is horrible! "I'm a perfect child, incapable of work, and I don't know how my own children live." Wow. Irresponsible doesn't even begin to describe him!

  4. Poor man, don't be so horrible to him, he's just a child! It's not his fault he has no aptitude for work.



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