Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010.33: Read-a-thon Plans!

For Weekly Geeks this week we are asked to reveal our readathon plans, of which I have a few.

Here's the stack of books I've gathered so far. Not a whole ton, but I may add to it still. I think this readathon I will not worry so much about finishing a book, but maybe jump around a bit. Therefore, I may (yes, it may all change depending on how things go and my mood that day!) count pages read.....

.....especially because I will spend some of my time working on these never ending books! BUT, you can see the bookmark is getting awfully close to the end on one of them! In fact, by Saturday, it may be done! The other one however, seems to be stuck stuck stuck!! Anyway, I will continue to work on them too.

I just got back from the store and brought with me this pile of snacks to be saved for the readathon. It's a bit chocolate heavy, surprise surprise. I think I need to still add some salty something to the mix. As for actual food to eat that day? We'll see when it happens!

I can't decide where to read this year. Last year, I was upstairs on my favorite reading couch. But this year, I may try reading downstairs in my book nook. But the chairs are misfits and not too comfortable for reading. So, maybe we'll bounce between the two.

And yes, I will be trying to get cleaning, and errands and all manner of miscellaneous chores done on Friday, and Thursday and today, so nothing will be calling to me or making me feel guilty on Saturday. I hope. Actually, most of this week is just getting through the book fair, which I'll be working at this evening, tomorrow evening and then putting away on Friday. So by Saturday, I'll be exhausted and so so ready to just sit and read! Here's hoping I can stay awake! Though I can tell you right now I won't read through the night. Just can't do it. I will get up for the start time (6 a.m. here I think) and read until I drop, which will be around 11:00 pm. to midnight. That's a plenty long enough readathon for me!

Oh, I wonder what I'll buy at the book fair? Hmmmm...maybe that stack above will have a whole new book fair stack added to it!

Yes, I will be reading with music on. With my 11 year old daughter by my side. My 18 year old daughter may join us at times with school reading, and hopefully we can get my 15 year old son to join us with some of his school reading too. My husband would like it crazy to sit and "waste" a perfectly good Saturday just reading. However, maybe he'll join us in the evening after he's worked his butt off all day long? Yeah, we'll see.

Well, no matter the plans, I'm just excited to get going!

Let me know if you'll be reading too so I can be sure to check in and cheer you on that day!


  1. Nothing wrong with skipping around, especially when you have Bleak House on the stack! I'm supposedly listening to it, but I'm only 2 or 3 hours into the 30 hours on the audio...

  2. calamity jack is a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it and your other reads.
    a saturday of reading after such a busy time of it sounds lovely, and having your family join you (even if here and there) sounds especially wonderful.


  3. The Glass Castle is a great choice! I am so excited for the read-a-thon.

  4. Lately everyday has been a readathon for me. Sounds nice but it get hard battling the guilt. So, where is the book fair and what are the hours? I'll have to come again.

  5. I'm kinda' thinking about skipping around a bit too. I think Calamity Jack and The Glass Castle are good read-a-thon choices. As is chocolate! :)

    I'm still making my piles. I picked up some YA books and some graphic novels at the library today. Those have been good read-a-thon choices for me in the past.

    Happy reading!

  6. The Mist is a great novella, especially if you're going to be having some rainy weather. I listened to it a thousand years ago on audio tape with my Dad, on a long trip in a snow storm, and it freaked me out. But it's still great in written form on a not so misty day too. I can't wait for Readathon!

  7. I'm thinking of trying to get some Bleak House read during the readathon, too. I think I'd better throw some quick and light books into the mix to break it up. Cuz even counting pages instead of books finished, we won't get through that many pages in Bleak House compared to other books! Love you food pile! I need to get thinking about that!

  8. Holey moley those books are big but those snacks look delicious! Looking forward to joining you in the readathon :)

  9. I'm so glad you reminded me of Calamity Jack. That one will be perfect (if I can get my hands on it) for the read-a-thon.
    I like to focus on snacks rather than meals because they work best at keeping me awake. Even on normal days I usually fall asleep about 20 minutes after I start reading. It makes me so mad!
    Have fun! After all the book fair work, you deserve it!

  10. I do hope you have a great readathon. You know, every time I turn around, you have yet another book on your pile that either I have read, am reading, or have plans to read soon. This time, it is The Glass Castle.

    Oh,must not forget Shadow Rising. I am envious of where the bookmark is placed. I really need to get my butt moving. I am now on chapter three, and I have to say, I am liking the tone of this book better than with Dragon Reborn.

    I have been feeling pretty sick (cold, and yucky sore throat), maybe I should call in sick tomorrow and just read all day. Hmmm....the mind is twisting. nah...I have to go in, but if my throat does not let me sleep tonight, i will not have a choice.

  11. I love The Mist by Stephen King. Great one!

    I'm taking part in the read-a-thon too and can't wait. Hope you enjoy!



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