Saturday, October 9, 2010

Show Me Your Books Mini Challenge

For this mini challenge we are to show off our books. I thought, why not a picture of my book nook, where most of my books are housed, and for a bonus, you can see where we are reading today!

All my TBR books are up on another bookcase that I won't take time to show today, as I've done that many times before.

Back to reading.....


  1. I am so jealous of your amazing bookshelves! They're beautiful!

  2. Very cool bookshelves! Love the day I will have an area such as yours...dreams...

    Continue to have fun reading!! :D :D

  3. Like everyone else I am super jealous about your bookshelves! You have a great set up there. Looks very comfortable. I have been showing Mr. X everyone's bookshelves and we are getting some ideas about how to set up our shelves in the future.



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