Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Ten Ten Ten

In honor of the day, I give you ten random thoughts/lists in three different categories, thus 10/10/10.

Ten Thoughts About The Readathon

1. It never fails to blow me away at how fast the hours and day fly by.
2. Planning and anticipating with Toto (my sixth grader) was nearly the best part!
3. Distractions were many, but that's to be expected and not a big deal.
4. I didn't get much read, but that's also to be expected and not a big deal.
5. We snacked so much we didn't need real food. Not sure that's such a good idea!
6. Mini challenges are so fun to break things up BUT blogging in between reading takes up lots of reading time.
7. I loved curling up amongst my bookshelves. It was very cozy. I just need more comfortable reading chairs for that area in order to make it a complete picture.
8. Even small books take a large chunk of time to read.
9. I feel a sort of let down when it's all over, sort of like Christmas. Anyone else?
10. There's pretty much no way I can last a full 24 hours, but 18 hours is just perfect for me!

Ten Books I'm Really Anxious to Read Soon!

1. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
2. Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
3. Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson
4. Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
5. Reckless by Cornelia Funke
6. Torment by Lauren Kate
7. The Lost Saint by Bree Despain
8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney
9. Jane by April Lindner
10. Unbroken Connection by Angela Morrison

Ten TV Questions

1. Why does Monday have almost all the good shows?
2. Have vampires and werewolves always been together in stories?
3. Why is Alex O'loughlin so cool?
4. Do you think people go on Survivor and then act especially obnoxious on purpose?
5. Who's your favorite new team on Amazing Race? Team Glee perhaps?
6. But can anyone live up to the awesomeness that was the cowboys?
7. Why did Zachary Levi have to go and get a hair cut?
8. Why does The Event need to have such a Lost wanna-be feel about it?
9. Why did I not watch Castle from the beginning?
10. What does Friday Night Lights have to be on non-normal TV?

How's your readathon hangover going?
What books are you anxious to read?
Do you have any TV questions?


  1. I wish there was someone in my family who would be interested in participating with me. I think that would be such fun.

    Oh well....

    Sounds like a great Saturday - and I can certainly understand the Sunday let down. I hope you have been able to rest and relax in anticipation of another week.

  2. I do think the end of readathon is like the end of Christmas! I think on twitter I likened the end to having to take down the Christmas tree. For 24 hours our blogging community is so involved and busy, and then *poof* we're all asleep. :)

  3. I worked in a lot of catnaps to help stay up longer--although I'm not sure that's all that helpful. Probably would have been better just to go to bed that much sooner! I usually read on the sofa in the living room but I'm with you--I need a comfy reading chair, preferably somewhere that I can lock the door!

  4. Last time I did a readathon, even a small book took me a long time, and I was so disappointed by that. Next time though, I plan not to do too many minichallenges, like I did this time - they are fun, but take away too much time from reading.

  5. It's kind of depressing, isn't it, that even small books take a big chunk of time to read! ;) Only during the readathon would we grudge something like that, huh? It was fun anyway.

    And all the good shows on Monday? Disagree! But I guess the only one we really watch on Monday is Chuck.



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