Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Review: The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Book: The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Genre: YA SF

Rating: A

What if you lived in a city where the only light comes from light bulbs? And those light bulbs are run by an ancient generator and that generator is about to die! And the supply of light bulbs are running out, as is the supply of everything else the city needs to survive. What if you found a paper, written in ancient computer lettering, that seems to tell of a way to escape? If only you could actually read what it says! See, this is a problem because your 2 year old sister chewed it all up before you realized it was something important!

Aw... I loved this book. Where have I been to only get to it now? It's been around for awhile. But what's great about that is that there's more to come in two sequels that I have right here on the shelf and hope to get to soon. Plus, there's a movie too, with which I really hope they do a good job. You know how that goes sometimes.


  1. Oh, wow. I've got to read this one.

    Suey, you are a posting queen! I've been a bad blogger, this week, and I can't believe how much you've posted! Pardon me if I don't comment on everything -- I'm off to read as many of your posts as I can!

  2. I loved that book too! But just a warning - the sequels are not as good. The people of sparks is alright - interesting, thought provoking. The prophet of yonwood was a disappointment. Well, now, I hate posting that cuz it's so critical - and you might love them. Hmmm...must ponder that.

  3. Bookfool: I guess I've just been in the blogging mood lately! Might as well go for it when the mood hits, right?! :)

    Julie: Really, it's okay to say what you think! I'll read them anyway, and then let you know what I think!



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