Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Sunday Salon: First Post and a List

I decided it's about time I joined The Sunday Salon party! I've been holding off, thinking I really didn't need to do one more thing, but it actually doesn't look too hard so, here I am.

If I'm understanding this right, the idea of the Sunday Salon is to report how your reading went each Sunday. And since I figured Sunday is my biggest reading day, normally I'll have lots to report.

However, today, I'm off camping as you may well know by now if you've been keeping up at all, so I thought instead, I'll list what I'm taking to read and hopefully I'll actually be reading from one of them or several of them, this weekend.

I'm taking a bunch because I'm ready to start a new book, and you never know what mood you'll be in, right? Of course I've still got "those two" books sitting there on an on-going basis (War and Peace, which I really am enjoying when I actually pick it up and read it, and The New Earth, which is coming so close to being a DNF!) But those don't count.

So here's what I'm taking and why:

Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George: because it's due at the library this week
The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau: because it's going to be a movie soon and you know I have to read the book first

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon: because this one has been waiting so patiently for it's turn for both the TBR Challenge and the Awards Challenge.

Eugénie Grandet by Honore de Balzac: because it's a smallish one I want to read for both the TBR Challenge and the Classics Challenge and because it's about time I tried some Balzac!
Happy Sunday reading to you all! Have fun reading Breaking Dawn without me! No finishing it 'till I get back! :)
(Don't forget to enter my first giveaway for Farworld: Water Keep!)


  1. Welcome to the Salon; it's always good to meet new people here. I didn't realise that they were going to film the DuPrau. I noticed it on the shelf in the local bookshop the other week and thought that I ought to check up if the promised sequel had ever made it out. If it hasn't then the film is going to have a very cliff hanger ending. It's a long time since I read it but I remember not being too sure about it to begin with, but then finding that it picked up as it went along.

  2. Ditto on the welcomes of Ann and John. Glad you could join us, Suey. I've only been with the group about two months, but I've found this to be a great group of readers (and writers) from all over the world. I think your understanding of the group is right, with sharing your reading primarily from Sunday, but sometimes back to the previous week and what's on tap for the new week. This week, I'm a bit behind and trying to get caught up, but it's not like it's a contest or a homework assignment (which is how my wife jokingly thinks of it).

  3. Welcome to the Sunday Salon! I hope you are enjoying your camping trip!

  4. City of Ember is going to be a movie! What! Where? When? How? And thank you for the award (I've been out of town) it was so sweet and unexpected of you! Especially for my barely started and often neglected little bog.

  5. Thanks for the welcome to TSS everyone! I'm writing a sort of follow up post about City of Ember, so come read! :)



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