Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Questions: Where Are You and a Teaser

I've decided it's not a good thing to be between books when Tuesday, and all it's fun booky bloggy questions roll around. I can't answer Raidergirl's "It's Tuesday: Where Are You" Question, and I don't have a a current book for Should Be Reading's "Teaser Tuesdays."

I tried to get into a new book yesterday, but I guess I just wasn't in the mood for Balzac! Maybe next week?

So I've picked two books that I'm pretty sure I AM in the mood for. But I still can't decide. So today, I'm asking you guys to pick for me. To help you, I'll use these two books to answer the two Tuesday meme's that I normally participate in.

If I read Magyk by Angie Sage I'll be headed to what looks like an amazing fantasy world complete with a Forest, a Swamp, an Island, a Wizard Tower and a Castle.

If I read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, I'm quite sure I need to be ready for a good long hike on the Appalachian Trail!

From Magyk page 37: " She was about to lean against it and give it a shove when the door took a fright at the sight of her and flew open."

From A Walk in the Woods page 65: "Perhaps it was the lingering influence of the book, perhaps simply the time of day, or maybe nothing more than the unaccustomedness of being in a town, but Hiawassee did feel palpably weird and unsettling-- the kind of place where it wouldn't altogether surprise you to find your gasoline being pumped by a cyclops."

So... which one should I go for? Not easy, is it!


  1. I vote for A Walk in the Woods - I read it last year and loved it! It was my intro to Bill Bryson and you can bet that I'll be reading more my him. :)

    Of course, I've been having a Fantasy craving myself lately, so I'd love to read more about Magyk too ...

    Not much help, am I?!

  2. I can't choose for you, but I'm in a Miami-Dade County courtroom, with a rock star charged with murder.

  3. Those are both good choices. I'm in the middle of a fantasy novel right now and so if I did make a suggestion, it would probably be in that direction. :-)

  4. both sound good to me; I think I would go with A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

    Get out on that trail!

  5. I loved your teaser for "Magyk", so I'd say Go with that one! :P


  6. I vote for Magyk! Magyk, Magyk, Magyk!!! I have loved that series and am waiting for the 4th to come out in paperback, or maybe to get to the library...it's a toss up which will come first.

  7. Go for Magyk!! I love fantasy. I don't want to make your life more difficult, but I reviewed Farworld and that was awesome!!!


  8. I would usually go for the fantasy one but the teaser for A Walk in the Woods sounded really interesting.

  9. I'm intrigued by Magyk. And this is totally from the sentences because I haven't heard of either one.

  10. If you are not in the mood for Balzac, try this cool book that has his name in the title at least (ha ha!)..."Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" by Dai Sijie. It's a short novel that I really enjoyed. Largely because of how the author relates the "sheer delight that books can offer a downtrodden spirit" (quoted from School Library Journal.) Melanie :o)



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