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Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Book: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Genre: YA... Romance? SF/Fantasy? Paranormal? Hmmm....

Rating: A

I'm done! I started the book Monday evening and finished yesterday evening, with most of the reading being done Tuesday. Yesterday, I lingered through it. I put it down often. I dreaded the ending, first because of what I thought might happen and didn't want to read about, second because I just didn't want it to be over... like Christmas you know. Something you look forward to forever, and then it's over way too fast.

Anyway. About the book and my reaction... without any spoilers. How to do that? Obviously, it's the continuation of Bella, Edward AND Jacob's story. Yes, people, Jacob is a major part of this story! And has been from the beginning. I know some seem to be in denial of that fact. But he is, and I'm glad he is. I like him. A lot.

The direction this book took surprised me. Like, I didn't see it coming AT ALL! I hope I'm not the only clueless one out there. But it's quite possible that I am. Quite. But, despite the fact that I was so surprised, and despite the fact that there were several uncomfortable moments, I still loved the book. I loved how everything was answered and wrapped up and....

....okay... no spoilers. I'm going to do Kookiejar's trick (dang I miss Kookie!) and continue the discussion... complete with MAJOR spoilers.... and tons of random thoughts.... in the comment section.... so join me there if you dare... please?
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  1. Okay...

    -- pregnant? I so didn't expect that! I could tell something was going on with Bella there on the island, but getting pregnant was not even on my mind. Crazy.

    -- the baby? Much as been said about her crazy name, which I agree with. It was ick. I'm glad in the end Bella caved and started using the nickname.

    -- more about the baby. She kind of creeped me out. The only picture I could get of her in my head was of these icky babies you see on YouTube and commercials with the adult heads attached. Eww. It's hard to imagine a baby or child, that acts so adult like.

    -- Jacob's section. I liked it. At first, I was like, WHAT? How can she do this! But then, I liked it. But I like Jacob so it was easy. It makes me wonder about all the Jacob haters, and how they handled it.

    -- the imprint business. ANOTHER thing I didn't see coming. I was getting a feeling that Jacob was clicking with Leah. But that would have been the easy way out I think. The imprinting on the baby.. that's hard to take. BUT... after awhile, the idea seemed to not be so gross. I think I just followed Bella's feelings about that.

    -- I like happy endings. I like how everything wrapped up so smoothly. I have no problems with any of it. It made me happy there wasn't a fight. It made me happy that she still has Charlie in her life. It made me happy that Jacob is happy. I think some people expect it to be "more realistic". But it's NOT a realistic story, and happy endings are great!

    -- I did miss some of the tension found in other books. Tension between Bella and Edward. Tension between Edward and Jacob. All that stuff made it fun and exciting.

    -- Stephenie's writing. I still think it's wonderful. I think it is amazing how she can make you feel exactly what's going on. She can put you right there in the middle of it all. I think a lot people are jealous of her. Really.

    I'll stop for now. I know I'll think of something I meant to say, but oh, well. I can come back!

    So... what did YOU think?

  2. Wow. Can I just add a ditto? I didn't see the pregnancy or the baby coming at ALL. I did guess about the imprinting, but only after Bella woke up. The baby's name was awful (and unpronounceable). I couldn't get a good feel for her appearance either.

    I was torn about Jacob's section. I didn't mind being in Jacob's head, but I felt like Meyer was cheating.

    I like happy endings too, and I knew we were going to get one here.

    I think, really, the only thing that was missing was tension. The wedding just happened without any ado. Same with Bella becoming a vampire. No pomp. Then, she doesn't become a "newborn." All of that stuff the other three books were building up to just fizzled in this one. Granted, it was a really nice fizzle, but a fizzle still the same.

    The final conflict also fizzled a bit, for me. She builds it up to a big fight and then everyone just goes home.

    In all, though, I really enjoyed the book and thought it a fitting ending to the series.

    Jessica @ The Bluestocking Society

  3. I liked Renesmee, heh. I liked her name, too, but I'm weird like that.

    I think that Stephenie totally distracted everyone with the Leah business so we wouldn't think about him imprinting on Renesmee, ha. It worked really well, too, because all I was thinking about was how he was clicking with Leah, haha.

  4. (3) You know, I'd never pictured Nessie the way you describe...strangely I kept picturing an infantile version of Kirsten Dunst in IWTV, despite Ms. Meyer's attempts to steer away from the comparisons.

    (4) I just don't get Jacob-haters. I mean, what's up with that? I like him and the voice he used to narrate. Reminds me of my adorable, gangly kid brother. And I love that it was clarified that Jacob isn't a werewolf, that he's a shape-shifter and could've been an eagle or whatever he wanted at his first phasing.

    (5) The only reason I was peeved about the imprinting was because I've been a mother not allowed to hold her baby a couple days following birth, and to see someone else making a bond with (nevermind staking a claim on) my baby is intensely maddening. But you're right, it wasn't terribly gross or anything. Jacob was noble about not thinking about his future bride maturing so quickly (as Edward mentioned at the end of the book). And it helped the plot, for Nessie to have a safe way out of the danger.

    (6) I'm with you on that! Happy Endings Rock!

    (7) Ms. Meyer's writing...maybe you're right, and I'm just jealous. That's got to be it. I still feel she came off sounding defensive, though. Maybe it's just me.

    I just realized I monopolized your comment section. I hope you don't mind. Seriously, sorry!


  5. KOOKIE! :)

    Michelle: First, there's no such thing as monopolozing a comment section. PU-LEEZE! I loved your comments! And hey, about not being able to hold your baby for awhile... that's me too... (for like 2 weeks for me!) and I did feel for Bella there.

    Did you all notice how things were quite left open for some sort of "sequel"... 6 1/2 years down the road? Hmmmm....

    Now I'm going to have to go click your Kirsten Dunst link 'cause I have no idea what you're talking about there!

    Jessica: I do agree with you about many things fizzling. The newborn build up AND the fight for sure.

    Fantasy: You are the first that I've heard that liked the strange name!

  6. Yay!! Another person who liked it. Always good to see another positive review. That name, that name! Ugg! The nickname was far more preferable. lol

  7. I finally finished this book not to long ago and didn't like it as much as the other three. I feel like she rushed writing it and that it could have been condensed...I liked book two the best, and i was not surprised by anything, other than the lack of action with the volturi


    There's my link! I'm gonna add you to mine!

  9. i think these book that stephenie meyer wrote are the best books i have ever read in my life and i loved twilight and i though new moon was boreing untill the end when edward came back eclips is really good to and i loved it breaking dawn is cool so far i dont have much to say about that because i havent read the whole thing me and my best friend are in love with edward and jasper



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