Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Viral Video Wednesday: Heroes

The Kool Aid Mom is starting a fun thing.... once a week (on Wednesday), she's asking us to share some of the favorite videos we come across. She's calling it Viral Video Wednesday. So I thought it would be fun to participate.

But then I realized I didn't know what a "viral" video was. I was just thinking I'd share videos I liked. So I looked it up and learned this: a viral video is one of those videos that spreads in popularity through cyberspace... just like a .... yep... virus!

So then I wondered if the videos I planned on sharing would count. But then I decided... how else does a "viral"video start if not by someone just sharing whatever they liked in the first place. Right?

Last week I mentioned how much we are loving the Vlogbrothers at our house, so I first wanted to share one of my favorites:

But this week I wanted to share some videos that show clips of some of my favorite books and movies:

This one gives me chills with how well it's edited.

And another most excellent one:

Well, there's lots lots more where those came from... but I'll just keep it at the two for now. See if you can pick out which books/movies they are! Fun stuff!


  1. They are so much fun!!! I've never seen Vlogbrothers but I'll be watching more for sure, and the Hero one ... aaahh {sigh} ... how lovely. Too bad the 3rd video isn't available anymore. :(

  2. Heather, you should come back and try again, 'cause that video works for me still. Is anyone else having a problem seeing it? I hope not.

  3. For anyone who has trouble with the vids (YouTube issues with embedding maybe?) If you click on the little flag-looking thing that comes up when you hover over the triangle, you can copy the vids URL and paste it in the address bar. All the vids work on the YouTube site.

    I loved your point about how vids become viral, one person likes it and sends it to everyone they know, who sends it to everyone they know, and so on.

    The VlogBrothers vid cracked me up... I don't wanna bawk like a chicken!

    And I think Colin Firth make the most absolutely delicious Darcy ever. :-p Oooh, and Ioan Gruffudd is one of my faves. :-D They could've thrown in a Vanity Fair Purfoy, too. I would have licked the monitor then :-))

  4. I guess there are a few movies I need to watch:) I haven't seen many of the Austen movies, but I waited patiently for clips of Colin Firth and JJ Feilds and I was rewarded.
    Thanks for those!

  5. Oh, raidergirl, if you haven't seen some of these movies, you really need to! :)



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