Sunday, February 21, 2016

Little Women RAL Discussion Part Two: Chapters 18 to 33

We are two thirds through the book and the read along! Wow! I've gotten a bit behind during this section with much happening in my real life, but here's a stab at answering the questions posed by Kami over at Kami's Library Thoughts.

Chapters 18 - 33 Discussion Questions:

1.    What would be your dream cast for the March sisters (Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy), Marmee, Laurie, and whoever else you'd like to cast.

Gah I can never think of these especially when all I see in my head are the actors from the movie we plan to watch! I think I'll pass on this one and just be curious about what everyone else comes up with!

2.    How do you feel about Meg and Mr. Brooke's relationship? 

I think it's sweet and romantic. I like it. I do! And their ups and downs after marriage... totally normal.

3.    How do you feel about Jo's reaction to Meg getting married?

A little over the top and a bit of an overreaction, more like what a mom might be thinking instead of a sister. 

4.    The girls are growing up and changing, do you feel differently towards them now than you did at the beginning?

No, not really. It's fun to see them grow, but they all have the same feeling about them. I think Amy has changed the most for sure and I have trouble turning her from a little girl into teenager/woman.  That has always thrown me off a bit. 

5.    Two important men were introduced in these chapters. What are your impressions of Mr. March and Professor Bhaer?

Mr. March seems to be a nice quite sort of man, and yet with the power to lead his family. I like him. Professor Bhaer seems very nice and sweet and is obviously intriguing to Jo... though sheesh... too old for her! :)

6.    Do you think it was fair that Amy got to go to Europe instead of Jo?

Yes, because it's true that Jo is a  poop about many things and it turns around to bite her few times, like this. And with Amy's desire to draw it seems she'd get more out of the trip anyway. I don't know.. maybe they should have asked to take BOTH girls along!

7.    What are your thoughts on the time period and setting of the book? Do you like it? Why do you think a very important historical event like the Civil War is hardly mentioned in the story?

I like the time period, and it's never really bothered me that they don't talk about the war much because, besides their dad being gone, it isn't affecting their life that much. Thus, we don't hear much about it. It isn't part of this particular story.

8.    Louisa May Alcott supposedly patterned the March sisters after herself and her own sisters. How accurate do you think she portrayed her family? Do you think a lot of the book is an idealized version of her and her sisters?

What we should do is read a LMA biography. That would be interesting to compare. I don't know how accurate it is, but I have a feeling it's pretty close to how it was.

9.    Why do you think Louisa May Alcott later added Part 2 to the book?

Part Two wasn't in the original book? Then probably she added it because all the readers were dying to know what happens next! And how it all turned out!

10.    What is your favorite adaptation of Little Women and why?

I think the one we plan to watch, the 1994 one, is the only one I've seen. I really should watch one of the others sometime so I could actually answer this question!

And now.. let's finish this book!


  1. Argh! Little Women drives me nuts. She wrote the second part only under the understanding that Jo would NOT end up with Laurie! Instead she created a man that didn't actually exist in real life. Some totally unrealistic man. Sigh! You have to watch the 1949 version!

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers. I agree that reading a biography of Louisa May Alcott would be a fun way to get insights into the story. I’ve read a little about her on Wikipedia, but it doesn't give you quite the same insights that a full biography would.

  3. I felt basically the same way about this section. Mr. Bhear is way. too. old. for Jo. Why would anyone pick some old guy over Laurie? :)
    I'd like to read a biography of LMA sometime, just to see the similarities to her real life.

  4. Hmmmm. . . it would be interesting to read a LMA biography. We should do that sometime. I liked your short and sweet answers.

  5. I think it would be really interesting to read a LMA biography to know how much is true and not.

  6. I'm curious about LMA's life as well. Maybe it would give me better insight into why she felt so strongly about Jo and Laurie? *shrugs* I didn't realize that part 2 was added later either! But I think you're probably right in why she added it.



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