Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BBAW Day Two: Interviewing Jenny from Alternate Readality

Today is interview day for BBAW. I'm not sure how the pairs were assigned, but as it turned out Jenny and I were assigned each other! And if you have been following awhile, you'll know that we have been friends and buddies for years IRL and blog buddies ever since I finally convinced her to start one how ever many years ago that was (like four or five I think?) And most recently, debate buddies for our Book Banter feature (which is currently waiting for another topic to debate!)

So it was fun to think up questions for each other that were something we didn't already know about the other. Here's what I came up with for her to answer:

Please meet Jenny from Alternate Readality!

1. When you are browsing at a bookstore, what factors make you actually pick up a book to look at it closer?

I'm a "judge a book by it's cover" kind of girl. I love beautiful and intriguing covers. My favorite series: The Matthew Swift Series, was discovered because I fell in love with the cover. I also look for books based on all the recommendations of my friends! So, if I'm at the book store and see a familiar title for a good price I usually buy it. 

2. What three things will make (or break) the book for you? For instance, it's a total given you'll love it if it has _______ or you know you'll hate it if it has _______.

I know I'll love it if there's an underdog hero or heroine....well usually.
I know I'll hate it if it talks about forbidden love, love of her life, destiny, blah blah blah. You know what I'm talking about, right? 

3. What fictional family most matches up to your family... either the one you grew up in... or the one you have now with your guy?

Oh, my. I have no idea. This is a hard one. Um, I guess I'd say some book where there was a huge family. As you know, I'm the youngest of 11 kids. So it was pretty crazy at my house. I really can't think of a certain book right this minute. Sorry. As for my life now...hmmm. I did just read a book called What Alice Forgot and there was a secondary couple in it that had some similarities to my life now. 

4. Speaking of your guy, how do you deal with the fact that he's not at the same place you are reading-wise? (In other words, strategies for living with a non-reader.)

Sometimes I want to tell him about a book I'm reading and it's frustrating that he just doesn't care. Or sometimes I'll start sobbing about some part in a book and laugh at how awkward he get's trying to figure out why in the world I'm crying over a book! As for coping: I try to remember that I don't show a huge amount of interest in the things he loves any more than he shows an interest in my books. I say, as long as he doesn't try to make me stop reading, everything's fine. 
5. If you could spend a vacation inside any book, which one would it be?

Any book that takes place in London! I really, really, REALLY want to go back there! 

6. What book do you think needs to be made into a movie... like.. RIGHT NOW?

I Am The Messenger! 

7. What's your favorite:

*Music group: Too many to name. I love Keane and Group Love and Muse... 
*Color: Navy blue
*Candy Bar: It switches between Caramello, KitKat and Twix. 
*TV Show, Another tough one. I'd have to say right now I enjoy Game of Thrones the best. 
*Celebrity: I don't have a favorite. I think Ryan Reynolds is hilarious but I wouldn't call him my favorite actor.
*Soccer team: Real Madrid! 
*Animal: Horse or cat.
*Place to visit: London or the ocean 
*Dessert: I love Strawberry short cake! 

8. If you get back into writing again, what story would you write?

Really weird stuff that I doubt anyone would read. Ha Ha! I have a story that's about a girl that's been genetically modified into a super warrior by a shady government entity. But the whole thing was done against her will. They killed her parents and friends. Anyway, it's quite weird. I love stories like that.       
9. One of my favorite questions to ask... describe what you'd do on your perfect day.

This all depends on where I lived. If I lived on the beach I'd sleep in, get up late and have a nice big breakfast and then go walking on the beach. Then I'd shower and head out for a day of shopping (book shopping). And then I'd go to dinner with a sunset view of the beach and then go home and snuggle in front of a fire with a good book! 

10. Pimp your favorite book of all time!

Frankenstein is my favorite book of all time. The writing is the most beautiful writing I've ever read and the story is so perfectly tormenting! It makes me feel a myriad of emotions while reading it and I'll never get tired of it. 


  1. Frankenstein, I will have to read that one, a great classic choice.

    I'm a Real Madrid fan also, but really a Zidane fan, i'm so mad I never went to see him play live for France, sigh

    As long as hubby never tries to stop you from reading, Absolutely

    1. Real Madrid is awesome! Sadly I started fan girling after Zidane but I know who he is.

  2. Wow! This Jenny girl sounds just fascinating. ;) What new things did you learn about me?

    1. Lol! the opera song, which I still need to go listen to... that you like strawberry shortcake, that you think I am Messenger would be a good movie...and that you like horses. :)

  3. I am a total cover junkie too. I love covers. One of my favorite things at the library was to display the books so people could see the covers. It's amazing how much faster they get picked up. Nice interview!

  4. I learned quite a bit about Jenny from this. And, I think I would LOVE to read Jenny's book. Write, Jenny, write!

  5. WOO for Frankenstein lovers!! I also live a man who had no interest in books, but he is coming around, and I'm really proud of him. He doesn't "read" but he is into audiobooks. I didn't know Jenny had 10 siblings!!

  6. I can relate too much to being married to a non-reader! Though I have to say that I'm excited that he recently picked up one of my novels to read, and I was super proud.

    And, Messenger!!! Love that book so much!

  7. Great interview, Suey! Jenny is a fascinating subject :) Not to mention my best blog commenter ever. It was fun learning more about her.

  8. I love a good book cover! My husband only reads news. He randomly read Harry Potter 7 and said it was just ok. Amazingly we are still happily married.

  9. Forbidden love is almost always a turn-off for me too! I feel it often leads to some frustratingly manufactured problems.

  10. How fun to get to know Jenny better! :) As I'm not married, I've often wondered what it would be like if my husband was not a reader at all. I'm glad to know y'all make it work!



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