Thursday, August 20, 2015

Utah Book Month 2015: BYU Bookstore

Here's a Utah bookish place we don't hype up very much. . . BYU Bookstore. Or, any university book store for that matter. (I've really only experienced BYU's though.)

I love this store for it's amazing selection of bargain books. And the awesome school supplies section too! Seriously, if you want a cool pen, or notebook, you'll find it here.

But when we went the other day, we browsed the YA section. They had a good supply of local Utah authors, but in general the pickings were a little slim. But, they make up for that in other sections!

I took these pictures: 

I wonder if they took a picture of me taking a picture!

My sister Megs and daughter Toto picking out books.
And this is what I ended up buying that day:

None of them Utah authors, but some awesome books nonetheless, right?

And remember that day we saw David Archuleta there?

Throwback Thursday to 2011: Meeting David at the BYU Bookstore!
Oh, and did I mention they are famous for their fudge. If you ever find yourself here, you HAVE to buy some!

And that's the BYU Book store for you! Maybe I'll see you there some day!


  1. Nice spotlight on the BYU bookstore. I often forget about it because I hate going on campus and navigating the throng of students. But, it is a nice little bookstore.

    1. Jenni: The students don't worry me, but sometimes parking does. Thought this last time, it was so very easy. :)

  2. Wait! The BYU bookstore has fudge? What a perfect time to go back on my diet. Argh! Way to be unique and highlight this place!

    1. Jenny: Wait! You didn't know they had fudge? Yes. Yes they do!

  3. I bought Utah books there so it's totally ok!!

  4. I LOVE the BYU Bookstore. I don't think I've ever had fudge there, though. Next time I'm there, I'm going to have to try it out. Fudge is the best.



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