Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Buy UTAH Authors

In keeping with the theme of the month, and with prompting from The Broke and the Bookish, I give you a list of Utah authors that I'll automatically buy. Now, you might think I automatically buy them all, which would be close, but no. If I bought them all, then the state of my overflowing book shelves would REALLY be bad! I do narrow it down just a bit.

Ten Utah Authors that I Auto-Buy

1. Dan Wells
2. Julianne Donaldson
3. Ally Condie
4. Sara Zarr
5. Jennifer A. Nielsen
6. Sara B. Larson
7. Amy Finnegan
8. James Dashner
9. Bree Despain
10. Chantele Sedgwick

Shannon Hale and Brandon Sanderson are honorable mentions. While I have bought MOST of their books, I surely haven't bought them all.

And seriously people! If you haven't checked out any of these authors, what are you waiting for? I promise, you'll love their books!


  1. You and Jenni rock! I couldn't come up with a list of Utah authors though I did have a few. Dan Wells and Sara Zarr obviously.

    1. Jenny: I am so ready for another Dan Wells book!

  2. You and I almost came up with the same list! We have a few that are different. :D Yay for Utah authors!

    1. Jenni: I love that our lists are so similar!



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