Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Unraveled by Julie Daines

Book: Unraveled by Julie Daines
Genre: YA Historical Romance
Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Utah Book Month
From: Bought at Storymakers this past year

Short Synopsis: The book opens when Bronwen and her mom are visited by night witch/fairy. She gives a present for Bronwen... magic shoes. Bronwen was left lame after a sickness swept through her family, but when she puts these shoes on, her legs are made whole again. She and her mom decide this means Bronwen can finally present herself to the king. Preparations are made for the event. Well. When she sees the king, it's actually the prince, and the prince takes an instant liking to her. And now she has to keep the secret of her legs from him. Things get very very complicated. Not mention that the captain of the guard is a former worker at Bronwen's farm and knows all about her secret. Very very complicated indeed!

My Response: I really enjoyed this one! What a cute and fun romance. Also a sweet lesson to be learned about being who you really are, and embracing all your weaknesses. And trusting in old friends. The setting (old time Wales I think) was awesome. The whole thing has a wonderful romantic fairy tale, princes and princess feeling. Perfect for a quick summertime read!

Bottom Line: Yes, if you love fantasy and magic and princes and you enjoy romance hitting you from unexpected places, you'll love this one.

Let's Talk About: What is it about magical fairy tale stories that we love so much? Seriously, I don't think we'll ever get enough of them!

Other Reviews:

A fabulous read full of faerie legend and folklore. From LDS Women's Book Review

this was SOOO GOOD I didn't want it to end! I wasn't ready I wanted MORE, more story, more character development, more everything! I loved it all! From Awesome Book Nut

I’ll just say that I found myself smiling and re-reading different sections that reminded me what it feels like to be sixteen and falling in love. From Reading For Sanity

It reminds me of the fairy tales that I grew up with and loved. This is a story that I would love to revisit and share with my daughter. From Bookworm Lisa


  1. I've never even heard of this one and while it sounds a little predictable, it looks fun! There is something about fairytales isn't there?

    1. Jenny: There is, and this one is fun. And the guy is swoony, but then again, I'm sure you aren't surprised I'd say that. :)

  2. I hadn't heard about this one, but it sounds fun. Fairytales make me happy! :)



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