Monday, August 10, 2015

Utah Book Month 2015 Readalong: Not in the Script Part One Discussion

So I read this book at the beginning of the summer because I couldn't stand it anymore and just had to jump in. But now that we are reading for both our first Utah Book Month readalong AND book club, of course I'm re-reading it. Already! I know, right? After only a few months! But it's such a fun book, and such and easy read, that fitting a re-read in between all the other things I want to read this month is totally no problem. :)

Anyway, if you are reading along  (and I hope you are!) you can find the questions and the discussion link up over at the Utah Books blog.

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. What's your overall impression of this story so far? Are you liking it? If so, what do you like? Are you not liking it? If so, what do you not like?

I love it. Especially the banter. I find the things Jake comes up with to say.. to everyone... is just hilarious. He's so deadpan. It's awesome. I love the secrecy behind their budding relationship. It makes everything all tense and fun. 

2. Do you like the cover? What does it suggest about the book?

The cover is kinda cutesy. It makes me think the book will be fluffy. And for the most part, it is. It's a fun fluff book, but there is a good message to be had too. (Sorry, that's jumping ahead and revealing my already read it status!) This sort of cover probably makes it hard for guys to hold this book, know what I mean? We have a couple of men reading it for book club, including my own husband, and I wonder how they would answer this question!

3. What do you think about the dynamics of Rachel and Emma's relationship? How would you feel if you were Emma? If you were Rachel?

It's a tricky relationship. I think it's genuine. I think Emma really feels bad for Rachel and how nothing has really worked out for her. And she feels bad about liking Jake, which is just a  new thing to add to the list. BUT, she also doesn't want or know how to change things. If I were Emma, I'd feel a little guilty about things, and if I were Rachel I'd feel a little jealous about things. Yeah. Definitely.

4. Let's talk about the slow build up between Jake and Emma. Which part was your favorite?

The last bit we just read as our part one section closed... where they find themselves accidentally in each others arms. Awesome. I love how they are running together. Sweet. I love how they sneaked into the dance place and had a great time with no one recognizing them. I love that they can talk about anything and be totally themselves with each other. Perfect.

5. Brett has a playboy persona with a tidbit of actual humanity hiding underneath. What do you think he's really like? What are his motivations?

I do think that he covers up his vulnerability with all the bravado that everyone sees. And that deep down he does care about people. I think his motivation is just to survive in a tough brutal business. I hope he finds a happy place someday somehow! Anyway, I totally think he's not as bad as he appears.

6. What real celebrities would you cast for these pretend celebrity characters?

I googled and came up with these, except for Jake who was already in my head that way. I think. I totally can't remember now. Anyway, what do you think?

(as played by some random model named Emily I think)

(as played by Tom Wellington, already in my head because
Amy mentioned him on Twitter or somewhere I think)

(as played by Ashley Tisdale)
(as played by some guy I don't know named Chord Overstreet)

7. What do you think about the behind the scene particulars of filming a TV show? Does it sound fun? Hard? Exciting? Boring?

I find the details in this part of the story fascinating. It sounds fun and hard and exciting and sometimes boring. All of it! I especially loved the descriptions of what the sound guy does. I think being a sound guy would be awesome. Editing would also be fun.

8. What do you think about Emma's vow to never date a guy she works with? Do you think real life celebrities have this same policy?

I can see why she would do this given her past experiences, but it's also so unrealistic. I mean, this is where she'll meet people. So she needs to have an exception to the rule, don't you think? Especially when the perfect guy comes along! :) And yes, I bet many IRL celebrities have this policy and I bet they ALL break it!

9. If you were Emma, would you have told Rachel what's going down with Jake WAY before now? Or do you think Emma is justified in keeping things secret?

You know, I think things just start happening so gradually that she doesn't realize until it's too late that she maybe should have said something sooner. And now it makes everything all worse. But still, if she would have said something right away, maybe.... well, I'm getting ahead of the story now!!!

10. What's your evaluation of Jake's character so far?

I just really think he's awesome. I mean. What else is there to say? Beautiful, funny, thoughtful, grateful, smart, etc. He pretty much covers it all. I'm sure he has his flaws, but I can't seem to see them....

Now... on to the rest of the book! See you back here to discuss those chapters on the 20th. Amy will be at book club that night, so if you have any questions you'd like us to ask her... fire away. Also, there's plenty of time to still join us. This is a FAST read people! And just your luck, the book is only $1.99 right now for Kindle on Amazon. Get it! :)

And don't forget, we'll be chatting with Amy on Twitter tonight at 7:30 pm MDT using the hashtag #UtahBooks. You can find her on Twitter at @ajfinnegan ! See you there!


  1. I like your choices of actors. I couldn't think of anyone around that age, so I imagined my characters older, lol. :)

  2. I keep hoping something dramatic happens. I'm not quite to the half way mark yet but I'll try to get my answers up tomorrow.

  3. Ha! We did have very similar responses! I like your casting, especially of Jake.

  4. I'm impressed you read this book twice. I could barely get through it once :( I can't imagine an adult male reading this -- what did your husband think of it?



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