Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Utah Book Month 2015: Bloggers!

The theme this week for Utah Book Month is "Utah Bloggers." I just don't even know how to approach this post! The whole finding and connecting with Utah bloggers over the past few years has been a life changer.

Once upon a time (and you've all heard this story but here I go again) I decided to hide my love for books. It was too weird a hobby. People thought I was crazy. Yes, I was a little fanatic and that freaked people out. So I decided I wouldn't talk about it much and tame the reading down a bit and rein myself in.

Then the internet happened. I found online book clubs. I chatted with other readers. It was so awesome. Those readers started blogging. I'd heard about blogging but was scared to try. Then, one day, I jumped in.

But at first, it wasn't a book blog. It was a "whatever" blog. I blogged now and then about books there, but no one responded. It bugged me. The, I thought about the online book club people who were blogging about books. And finally, I changed my approach and decided to do just book blogging. Well, mostly book blogging. A blog with a very strong book emphasis.

And then... I discovered other people in close geographic vicinity were doing the same thing! We ended up at the same book events together. (Going to book events... something that only happened after I started blogging. What did I do before this???) We were like, wait, WHAT? You blog? You read? You come to book things? WE SHOULD TOTALLY BE FRIENDS! :) (Natasha I'm looking at you!)

And then, we found more and more people who blogged, read and lived near by. Somewhere about that time I realized I didn't have to hide my love/fanaticism/craziness about books any more. We were all crazy and we all got it and life has been SO MUCH FUN ever since!

I think this calls for a collage.

Yeah, actually, making a collage is scary because I'm sure I've left off someone that I really shouldn't have. Do know that I tried to include a few more, but couldn't find an image for you! I included some currently blogging bloggers, some formerly blogging bloggers, some bloggers that blog about lots of stuff other than books, some bloggers that only do books. Some of these bloggers I know really really well, some just a little! All are wonderful and lovely and amazing!

Here are their links from top to bottom, left to right:

Jenny from Alternate Readality
Cindi from A Utah Mom's Life
Jenni from Jenni Elyse
Emily from Emily's Reading Room
Angie from Angieville
Penelope from The Reading Fever
Heather from Fire and Ice
Britt from Confessions of a Book Habitue
Becky from One Literature Nut
Melissa from Bookmark Dragon
Jessica from The Bluestocking Society
Jessica from Books: A True Story
Marissa from Raegun Ramblings
Kathy from Read This Instead
Kami from Kami's Library Thoughts
Kim from Good Clean Reads

A couple others I wanted to shout out:
Alison from So Many Books So Little Time
Kelley from The Road Ever Goes On

Thanks to you all for letting me find a place to be the book crazy person that I am! I hope you all keep blogging or start blogging again...and if you happen to be reading this and are pondering a blog and thinking about maybe joining the crazy book people here in Utah... just do it! It's the best thing ever.


  1. I LOVE our blogging community. People told me that there was a lot of drama when blogging, but I haven't found that. I've found lots and lots of amazing friends!

  2. I like your collage. It's fun to put a face to some of the bloggers I don't know. I'm glad you and Natasha befriended me so I could become a part of this amazing community! You rock!

  3. I love our book bloggers here! I met so many people at book signings because of my blog. I'm so glad I know all of you!

  4. Crazy bookish people are my favorite people! Great idea to do a collage - I felt so badly when I wrote my post because I knew I was leaving out so many great bloggers. I'm so glad that books bring you the joy and fulfillment that they also bring to me. All hail books!

  5. Great tribute to Utah bloggers. There are sure a lot of us!



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