Friday, August 21, 2015

Utah Book Month Read Along: Not in the Script Part Two Discussion Questions and Pictures from Book Club

We wrapped up our first annual Utah Book Month read along yesterday! The questions for the second half of Not in the Script are up over on the main blog. I loved re-reading this book (for both the read along and for book club, which was last night!) Such a fun romance! Here are my very short answers to the questions:

Not in the Script Part Two Discussion Questions

1. Have your opinions of any of the characters changed from the first half?

I'm a little more bugged at Brett then I was in the first half. But still, I think he can overcome his issues given help and time.

2. Would you watch Coyote Hills?

Yes, for sure!

3. Did everything go down like you thought it would?

Yes, pretty much. But even though it was a re-read for me, I'd forgotten the details!

4. If there's a lesson to be learned from this story, what do you think it is?

Everything is not always as it seems.

5. How do you feel about the portrayal of the parents of these characters?

I'm more aware of parents in books these days. And I actually liked these parents! Even Jake's dad seemed to come around. Emma's mom was annoying, but only because she wants the best for Emma. And she didn't throw a fit when Emma wanted to "fire" her. And then how both her parents were involved in the make up at the end? I loved that. 

6. What parts felt realistic and what parts felt unrealistic?

All the shooting the show scenes feel very realistic. The paparazzi stuff feels realistic. Maybe how good these kids are, well Emma and Jake anyway, a little unrealistic. Not that I didn't like that. How easy Jake's mom takes to Emma, probably a little unrealistic.

7. What was your favorite part?

So many favorite parts! The kiss by the truck for sure. Emma and Jake dancing and no one catches them. When Emma ties Jake's shoelaces together. When Jake and his mom tease Emma about Charlie. Umm.... I guess that's good for now.

8. Who was your favorite character?

Jake of course. Because he makes me laugh.

9. Do you have a favorite quote from the book?

"I've heard that nine out of ten girls pass out when they get this close to you."  LOL! I don't know. I didn't mark the book up so now I can't find them!

10. If you were in charge of a sequel, what major plot would you include?

I would explore Brett's hopeful growth and change more. I would like to see how Jake and Emma turn out, if all really is well. I don't really care much about what happens with Rachel and her TV show. 

We had Amy Finnegan join us for book club last night. She told lots of behind the scene stories from Parks and Rec, and Parenthood. And how she interviewed Chris Pratt (for this book basically) and talked for hours to James Franco on the plane and fangirled a bit over Justin Beiber at the pool. We had a great time! 

The whole crowd.

Jenny, Kami, Kathy, Amy, Jenni and me


Amy brought pictures to show!

If you read along with us, I hope you had fun! I'm guessing we'll be doing more Utah Book Read Alongs in the future so stay tuned!


  1. I'd forgotten about Emma tying Jake's shoelaces. That was pretty funny.

  2. Yep. I was enthralled. I didn't tweet a single thing, lol.

    I'd forgotten about the tying shoelaces incident too. That was awesome. I just love so much of this book!

    Great answers!



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