Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Lost Without You by Annette Lyon

Book: Lost Without You by Annette Lyon
Genre: LDS Romance
For: Utah Book Month
From: bought for Kindle (maybe it was free, I can't remember!)

Short Synopsis: Brooke has just broken up with Christopher. And here she thought he was the one. But she learns that he has some pretty big issues and she's so glad she's out. Meanwhile, she keeps running into this other guy, a guy who just happens to be the cop that took down her info when Christopher crashed the car after they broke up. One thing leads to another and before long, they are going out. But all is not still not well.

My Response: I haven't read an LDS romance for so long! I didn't realize that this book was in that genre. And all the same things that have bugged me about them over the years still bugged me, but I overlooked it and enjoyed the story for what it was. . . a sweet, clean romance with a bit of a disturbing twist and ending. One thing is for sure, this Greg guy is most awesome.

Bottom Line: I enjoyed it for the most part, with some qualifications.

Let's Talk About: You know, I really enjoy clean romance, but sometimes it's almost too clean. Know what I mean? How do you define clean and where do you like to draw the line between that and way too much information?


  1. I want to like clean romances so much, but usually they're just SOOO cheesy and unrealistic. Can't there be a clean, realistic romance? I think so ...

  2. I try to avoid these types of books because they're just too unrealistic. I don't want erotica in my books but a little peck and hand holding just isn't good enough either.

  3. I love clean romances, but as the others have said, they're usually very cheesy and unrealistic. I don't mind sex in books, but I don't need to know what he did to her or she did to him to make them feel good. Does that make sense? I want lots of kissing and I want that in detail, but nothing else, I guess.



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