Sunday, August 23, 2015

Currently: Feeling Lazy

Listening: I've been loving Spotify's "Discover Weekly" thing these past few weeks. That's where every week they give you 30 songs that they think you'll like, based on stuff you listen to and surprisingly, they get it pretty spot on! It's been very fun finding new music. Here's one of them. It's probably from a video game or something right? It's crazy, but I love it:

Watching: I've been watching episodes of Last Tango in Halifax, but it's starting to go down a path that I'm not really sure about. I don't know if I'll keep watching. And then yesterday I discovered Poldark. Guys! Seriously! Why have you not told me about this one??? I've been watching episodes on YouTube, which isn't the best quality, but at least they are there and I can catch up.

Aidan Turner as Poldark
Reading: As you know, I'm working on my Utah books stack. This week I'll be catching up with reviews, so fair warning. I hope you enjoy. Meanwhile, I've got a pile of "normal" stuff waiting as soon as I'm done! So many books!

Writing: I'm revising like crazy! I've made good progress, though it's slow going and I get interrupted so so much when I sit down and think I have hours ahead of me. Anyway. I'm immersed. I'm doing it. It'll happen! I'm starting to get excited about another Nano looming. I have a sort of idea, but it needs some major developing before I can actually write something. That's sort of freaking me out a little. And I read some of my last year's Nano stuff and I smiled. I thought it was really stupid last year, but really, after all this time, when I read it, I actually think it's kinda fun!

Blogging: We are in the middle of Utah Book month. It's been fun. But frustrating too I must say. And next month is another Bloggiesta! I need to get in the mood to get that going too!

Health Watch: I'm losing some weight, without exercising or eating less. Well, I'm eating crappy, but still. Anyway, it's because of massive anxiety that's going on. I hate so bad feeling this anxious about things, but I kinda love that is seems to sap something from my body and take pounds away! I'm hoping though that I can get back on the Zumba routine. Maybe Zumba plus anxiety will make the pounds FLY off! Ha! But, I still haven't quite figured that one out like I was in the spring. But we'll see.


  • School started for the one kid still in high school at our house. College kids start this next week and the next.
  • One kid plans to move out in a week. That will leave only one kid left at home.
  • One kid is pregnant!!!!! Do you know what this MEANS??!!?? AHH!!!!
  • I would kiss the tomato plants of one of them decides to finally give me a nice ripe red tomato. Seriously. What is wrong with them this year?
  • I'm looking forward to fall and cooler temps. Not a fan of the heat. 
  • We celebrated a wedding anniversary this past week. Twenty eight freaking years! I read the journal entry to my Sunday School kids where I fell for my husband. That was an interesting way to celebrate and remember! They thought it was awesome and all sorts of funny. Even the one boy in the class got into it. I'm not sure they'll ever look at me the same way again though. It may have just been a little TMI perhaps. 

Okay. I really have to turn this thing off. See you around!


  1. I'm sorry Utah Book Month has been so frustrating. I know what you mean. I hope it'll be better next year if we make those changes I suggested.

  2. I seriously need to check out Poldark. Sorry you've been so stressed and anxious. No fun. Maybe it's something in the air. I haven't been sleeping. I love that you read your journal to the kids in Sunday school.

    1. Jenny: I'm loving Poldark! Though I think the one I'm watching on YouTube is skipping over the best parts! GAH!

  3. Wow Suey you have so much going on! I'm sorry for all the stress. I used to lose weight when I was anxious until I turned into a stress eater. 😐 but congrats on your anniversary and the addition to your family!

    1. Kathy: I find it a fascinating occurrence, the anxiety/weight connection. Anyway. Here's hoping I can manage it somehow. I'm so very tired of it that's all I know.

  4. Happy anniversary, Suey! I hope you were able to have a wonderful celebration.

    That's awful about the anxiety and stress. I hope you can get a handle on it soon.

    Um, congratulations, Grandma!! ;) That is so exciting -- even if you aren't quite ready yet.

    1. Michelle: Maybe I'll be ready by the time the baby arrives? Do you think? Ha!

  5. Oh man, I'm sorry about the anxiety. That sounds miserable. On the other hand, oh my goodness, you're going to be a grandma! How wonderful. So happy for you :)



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