Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting to Know You: Music Composers

It's another instalment of Getting to Know You over at Jenni Elyse's! Write a post and link up. I'd love to get to know you all better!

Today we're talking about composers. Yeah. I have a lot of favorites. Again. Here's my list with just a few favorites:

Alive Composers

1. Hans Zimmer: I love every single thing he writes, but if had to pick one, I'd say Batman Begins soundtrack.

2. John Williams: Ditto for this guy. I discovered him when I was 12 and Star Wars came out!

3.  Ramin Djawadi: This guy is young and new and learned from the above mentioned guys. I discovered him when I fell in love with music from Prison Break. He's currently famous for Game of Thrones. I found this lovely video that highlights him... and it looks like he had a lot to do with helping on Batman Begins. Yeah. This guy. Keep your eyes on him!

4 . Thomas Bergersen: I wish this guy would become more well known. His stuff is epic! I've recently discovered him and cannot stop listening!

5. David Arkenstone: Another guy I've recently discovered and can't get enough of! Such soothing stuff. You need to calm down and chill? Listen to his stuff!

6. Chip Davis: I couldn't leave him off! Love love love this guy and his group Mannheim Steamroller! I can't do Christmas without him.

There's a ton more that I love, but I have to stop so I can tell you about the. . .

Dead Composers

1. Mozart: Can you think of anyone better than him? I doubt it.

2. Tchaikovsky: powerful music. I love every piece. But especially this one.

3. Dvorak: You know the Jaws theme? This guy started it! This song sounds much like Star Wars Throne Room too. Hmm, I wonder who John Williams loved? :)

4. And of course, Beethoven!  But I always want to it turn to into this song from the very first album I ever had...Saturday Night Fever. LOL!

And a bonus:

Kurt Bestor of course! He lives in my neighborhood (ish) and he's awesome!

Yeah, it's another subject I could go on and on about. I love music.

Do agree with my choices? Did you discover some new ones to love? Who would be on your list? Make post and go link up at Jenni's!


  1. I need to go listen to some of these guys you put on your list. I knew Hans Zimmer would be your top. And, I also love Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker Suite is my favorite. Great list!

    1. Jenni: Listen to them and tell me what you think!

  2. I don't know some of these guys. I love Tchaikovsky as well.

    1. Kami: Listen to them and tell me what you think!

  3. I like John Williams so much. I'm glad you added classical composers. Vivaldi would have been on my list.

    1. Jenny: I pondered adding Vivaldi, but I'm not that familiar with his stuff!

  4. All the live composers were over my head, but I knew the dead ones! That's a good start, right? I confess, I'm not very good with the music stuff, although my husband is.

  5. I grew up with classical music (and 10 years of piano lessons added to the music I heard at home). Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1 was one of the first album's I owned. And, of course, Mozart and Beethoven. I'd also add Vivaldi and Bach.



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