Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting to Know You: Favorite TV Shows

Oh man. I don't know if I can narrow this one down!

But first, my thoughts on TV in general. I used to try to NOT watch TV. It was like an actual effort. Then one day I thought, why am I trying to avoid it? Is it a bad thing? Does it make me not get other things done? What's so wrong with TV anyway?

And then I thought I'd try a new thing and watch what I wanted to without having to justify it and/or my time or whatever. It was then I realized that TV is sort of like reading in that you get immersed in a story and fall in love with characters. So if I could enjoy reading, why could I not enjoy TV. Know what I mean?

So I think of both as a means to telling a story. Since reaching that conclusion, I've enjoyed TV watching with the same sort of passion as I enjoy reading. And it makes me happy. (And now that I'm writing more, I find TV shows helps a lot in learning about character development!)

Which is all a long way to say, I'm not ashamed that I like a lot of TV shows!

Current favorites:

Amazing Race (fun to travel the world with this show)
Survivor (I just keep finding the social dynamic of this show compelling)
The Walking Dead (the characters are fascinating)
Arrow (it's just pure and totally cool, this show!)
Downton Abbey (though it just ended again)
Sherlock (though it's hardly ever on!)

Lapsed Favorites (Shows I watched but have gotten way behind on!)

Once Upon a Time (I got bored, sadly.)
Sleepy Hollow (too much crime solving, I just want Ichabod and that's it)
Reign (couldn't keep up, though I loved it)
Vampire Diaries (I've pretty much lost interest in this though I'm curious enough I may just binge watch when the current season goes to Netflix)

Past Favorites (going pretty far back in time here!)

Friday Night Lights (drama filled and intense!)
Parenthood (same as above)
Moonlight (fell in love with Alex what's his name)
Pushing Daises (fell in love with Lee Pace. This show is my kind of funny.)
American Idol (I loved this one but haven't watched for the past couple of seasons)
Heroes (loved those first two season, and then...)
Star Trek: New Generation and Voyager versions (lovely memories)
Early Edition (fell in love with Kyle Chandler)

Favorites I Enjoyed Solely on Netflix (or DVD) After the Fact

Prison Break (probably my most favorite TV watching experiences ever!)
Robin Hood (awesome twist on a favorite tale)
Merlin (same as above)
Gilmore Girls (my kind of funny!)
The 100 (just watched the first season and am very intrigued)
Dr. Who (I know there's a current season, but I've only ever watched on Netflix!)
Hell on Wheels (great time period)
Firefly (best scifi show ever!)

Shows I WANT to Add to the Line Up

Supernatural (I feel like I'm missing so much not knowing this show or these guys!)
The Originals (if only to watch Daniel Gillies)

Do you see a trend? I tend to enjoy drama filled, angst ridden, fantasy/paranormal/scifi, medieval character driven shows. I'm not at all into sit coms or crime shows. Solving mysteries bores me (though Pushing Daisies was along these lines, it was so so different! and Sherlock? well, what can I say? It's Sherlock!) and laugh tracks irritate the crap out of me.

Given all this, what shows should I be watching that are NOT on my line up?

Want to share your favorites? Link up over at Jenni Elyse's blog today!


  1. Oh, I love Downton Abbey, and Sherlock is great. I lost interest in TVD, too, but The Originals are amazing, you totally should watch it. And Gilmore Girls, I loved it!

  2. I have to be the WORST TV watcher ever... There are so many things I want to watch and I never do... Even when I can watch them on Netflix. I don't think I have ever binge watched anything. I just can't seem to become a 'TV person'.

    1. Kelly: I love that you are lamenting the fact that you're bad at watching TV. LOL! I'm sure you are good at many many other things! :)

  3. Ha! I love that you hardly narrowed down your list at all. Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow was interesting, especially the end. And, same with The 100. We just watched season 2's finale. It was intense!

    1. Jenni: I hope they both get to Netflix soon!

  4. I seem to go through phases, which means when I'm in TV watching mode, it's binge time! I haven't watched The Walking Dead or Supernaturals, and both are on my list for the next time I'm in a TV mood. And I'm always in the mood for a new Sherlock!

    1. Belle: The Walking Dead is perfect for a binge. Supernatural is so long that it overwhelms me! (Ten seasons I think?)

  5. Holy list Batman! How do you keep up with it all?

    1. Kami: Well, as you can see my current list isn't really THAT big! :)

  6. I laughed right out loud at how many shows you managed to list. I love tv. I'm glad you gave in and love it now too.

    1. Jenny: Me too! It's too much fun not to. YOLO!

  7. I love a lot of these, too. No Game of Thrones? Too violent? I tend to go for the British shows, like the original House of Cards, but I'm waiting for Sherlock to come back, and waiting for True Detective Season 2 on DVD. Just watched the first season of Doc Martin and am waiting for the DVD of the second season from the library. We've watched a lot on Netflix, too, (Firefly, Farscape, etc.) but I'm afraid Amazon is going to run them out of business...:(



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