Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Love, Lucy by April Lindner

Book: Love, Lucy by April Lindner
Genre: NA Romance
Rating:★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
For: Fun
From: the library

Short Synopsis: Lucy and her friend have been backpacking through Europe for a few weeks. When they come to Italy and her friend moans about getting a "room with a view" they end up kicking a couple of guys out of their room. Well, Lucy hooks up with one of them. . .Jesse! And has a whirlwind Italian romance! Her very own Roman Holiday. But then she has to go back home and start college, which her dad is forcing her to do. She loses track of Jesse and just when she thinks she has got her life all together, sort of,  he shows up on her doorstep.

My Response: Ah, it was lacking so much for me! I enjoyed the fact that it is set (some of it anyway) in Florence and Rome, which is cool, but other than that, I didn't take to it. I remembered her other books were re-tellings of classics, so I thought it would be fun to see which one this was. I had no clue through the whole thing and finally had to look it up somewhere. (I gave a very obvious clue up above!) But, it was lacking emotion. Like the romance was just. . .bam. With no emotion at all. I just did not connect. Maybe it was not a good book to read right after The Winner's Crime. Yeah. That was probably it.

Bottom Line: I suggest you skip this one. Sadly

Let's Talk About: Reading not so good books after really awesome books. Life is not fair to some books, you know? Has this happened to you? And your poor books?

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  1. Sorry this one wasn't great. Good you to not like a book... that's not good. ;)
    I often feel like there are some poor books that we just read at the wrong time.

  2. I tried one of her other books and couldn't finish, so I've been wondering what you'd say about this one when I saw you were reading it (via goodreads). Not sure I'll try it either. It's always so disappointing to read a book you didn't enjoy.

    And yes! Reading a book that you absolutely LOVED and can't stop thinking about, and then trying to decide on a follow-up is hard! I loved Cruel Beauty beyond measure when I first read it last summer. So much so that I couldn't pick up another book for several days because I didn't want to ruin the booklove I was feeling.

  3. I've definitely had this happen! Especially at the end of a string of really good books, it's hard not to be extra disappointed by the next dud.



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