Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E15 Try (Spoilers!)

I thought there would be much more Noah mourning in this episode, but instead, everyone just goes crazy.

** Carl goes outside the walls just to run with Enid. They kill a few walkers and then hide in a tree. Sparks are flying. But Carl is crazy for just running in the woods with the walkers!

Hiding in three.
Dang this kid has turned out cute!

** Sasha sits up in the tower night and day, shooting walkers. Well, I guess she comes out to the woods now and then and shoots there too. Just shooting and shooting and shooting. Totally crazy!

** Deanna listens to Nine Inch Nails (no I didn't know that at the time but learned it later... and no wonder I wasn't much into that music!) to remember her son. Want to hear it? Click here!

** Michonne seems unsure about the whole being a cop thing, but she seems to be the only one still thinking clearly.

** Daryl and Aaron are going crazy because they are finding evidence of something really creepy happening beyond the walls that has nothing to do with the walkers.

Daryl and Aaron
A strange pair.

** And then there's Rick. So, he's ready to kill Pete. He comes onto Jesse trying to make her admit she needs his help. She finally says yes. Then Pete himself walks in. They start fighting each other. Rick knocks him out and then has a fit about I can't even remember now what all he was screaming! But it was very much crazy Rick! And then Michonne just walked up to him and knocked him out. BAM!
If that's not Crazy Rick I don't know what is!
The only Noah thing that happened was when Glenn confronted Nicholas and told him... never never go outside the walls again. NEVER. Nicolas says, are you threatening me? And Glenn says, no, I'm saving your life. Did I say I loved Glenn? Yeah.

So, compared to last week, this was a very tame episode. But we have one more and I'm guessing it's not going to be tame at all.

What did you think?


  1. I didn't think it was tame. Sure, compared to last week, anything is tame. But, I thought it was crazy with everything that happened. And, I did know that the song was NIN. Corey and I listen to them a lot, lol. I can't wait for Sunday. I'm interested to see what happens.

    Any predictions on who's gonna die? I just hope it's not Glenn or Maggie. They're my faves.

  2. This is why I kinda don't care about Rick... When he goes crazy he really is out of control!!! And he isn't winning anyone over! And Yes GLENN!!! I love him... Him and Daryl!!! If anything happens to them... So help me!!!!

    Ok can we talk about the all walkers with Ws carved into their heads? What is going on with that? Way back in the Tyrese episode when they finally get into the car with Tyrese they have difficulty getting the car out and it slams into another truck and out spill a literal truck load of walkers with Ws in their forehead and their arms and legs cut off!!! What is going on with that??? Like I know what the W stands for now, but are the walkers carved with it before or after they are walkers? and why cut off their arms and legs but leave the abdomen intact leaving the walkers still chomping??? What is with this???



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