Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E12 Remember and S5E13 Forget (Spoilers!)

I skipped talking about last week's Walking Dead, so today you get a two-fer.

Last week, we arrived in Alexandria and wow, did it look awesome. Everyone had a shower (except I think Daryl. I would LOVE to see him clean up just a little, you know?) and Rick shaved his beard off and. . . swoon! Sheesh, he looks nice. Yes, I'm a fan of  the no-beard Rick. And then there's an awkward just out of the shower scene with some new person named Jessie. Were there sparks or were there not? But anyway, shes's married. So, there's that.

And Carl connects with some kids. And everyone, almost, gets a job. And they get food and they get interviewed by the sort of creepy city leader (dang I already forgot her name) and it's all very weird.

And everyone is on edge and they refuse to separate and they all sleep on the floor together in one house.

But Rick decides to become a cop again and he gets in the uniform and slow-mos down the stairs and it's all very... weird.

This week, things get weirder. You can totally tell that something is going to go down. Carol and Rick and Daryl are planning something, I'm not sure what, but it involves getting and hiding weapons outside the wall. Then Carol gets caught in the act of stealing them and the kid (Jessie's kid, yes?) gets threatened with death by walker. Or he can choose cookies. What a creepy Carol we saw there, yes?
These guys are plotting something!

And Daryl gets wooed by the gay guys with spaghetti and a motorcycle and they want him to be the next recruiter. And it's all very creepy there too.

Michonne hangs up her sword and becomes a cop like Rick.

And then they all go to a party and sneak around like they are going to be poisoned or something. Sasha has a freak out and I'm not sure what's going on with her.

Carl is trying to figure out that weird girl. Not sure what she's about either.

Oh, and Rick kissed Jessie! Sort of. But the look. Oh my word, the look. That was intense. Jessie is in trouble now! And she has the creepiest of creepers of a husband. So, that might get interesting.

Jessie and Rick 

Then it all ends with Rick leaning on the wall and rubbing his hands down it while a walker rubs hands down the other side.


Things are just very weird, that's all I'm saying.

What do you think is about to go down?


  1. Sasha has PTSD. That's why she freaked out. And, I think Rick rubbed the wall because he's trying to choose between his old self and the self he wants to be in Alexandria. And, I would've have expected anything less from Carol.

  2. Seriously Carol really scares me sometimes!!!! I like her... and then she threatens kids... and she scares me!



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