Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E14 Spend (Spoilers!)

So this picture pretty much sums up this whole episode. The look in his eyes! Oh my word, but he nails it here!

That creepy feeling from the past two weeks stayed with us for the whole beginning of this episode. We all felt in our guts that something terrible was about to go down. And then it did, and it was awful. I would say pretty much the most awful episode to date. Worse than Hershel, worse than "look at the flowers", worse then Lori, worse than Terminus, maybe even worse than Beth. I don't know. It was bad.

It all started when the power went down and a group of our guys with two of the guys from Alexandria, plus Tara all went to find a piece of equipment that they needed to fix it. There were walkers in the warehouse and one of them had some sort of explosives on him. (Was it a security guard turned zombie? I don't know.) Anyway, when Aiden shot him, he exploded. Aiden and Tara were hurt bad. They thought Aiden was killed, but no, he was still alive! So, Glen being Glen, had to go back after him.  They left Eugene with unconscious Tara and hoped for the best. Well, they couldn't move Aiden so they had to leave him for the zombies. Ah, that was bad enough right there. They showed everything and I was freaking out.

But then... BUT THEN... our guys (Glen and Noah) and the other dude Nicolas try to escape out the front of the building through the revolving doors. Of course, all the zombies come and they are stuck. So stuck! Each one of them in a separate section of the door. Meanwhile, Eugene sucks it up and hefts Tara on his shoulder and he's made it out to the van somehow, shooting  walkers the whole way. Eugene? Wow! And when he sees the situation the others are in in, he saves the day by distracting the zombies away.  Most of them, but not all of them of course. But then, they still can't get out. I'm not exactly sure what happened, it was so confusing to follow, besides which I was screaming the whole time in massive anxiety! But basically, that Nicolas dude slipped out of his section (barely I thought he was going to lose his arm) which caused the few remaining zombies to be able to get into Noah's section.

I have no idea what happened next because I was literally covering my hands with my eyes and screaming NO NO NO NO!!!! Gah, I get weepy again just thinking about it. Yes, I know! It's just a show!!! It's not REAL! But still. It was sweet Noah! And poor Glen couldn't DO ANYTHING! He just had to sit there and watch Noah get ripped to shreds right in front of his face. I closed my eyes. I didn't watch, but my son, who was watching with me was "oh my goshing" just as loud as I was and kept saying "they are showing EVERYTHING!"

Well, so that was the end of Noah. Glen got out. I have no idea how. And then they were at the van, but Nicholas threw Eugene out and started to drive off without them. But then Glen came up  and grabbed him and threw him out and knocked him out. Yeah Glen! But then, He stood there for a minute and then said to Eugene, get him in. Yeah. Glen. I love him. But, yeah.

Meanwhile. Carol learns there's abuse going on at the house of Jessie. And now she can't be mean anymore to that boy Sam who wants cookies. She tells Rick and says, "We gotta kill him." Meaning Jessie's husband.

Oh, and then there was Abraham who risked his life to save some girl who I don't even know, from this new community, while all her people were about to abandon her!

AND THEN. Gabriel. While all this is going down, while Abraham risked his life for that girl, while Noah and Glen risked their lives for Aiden, while Nicholas sacrificed Noah, while Glen says, "Get him in" and doesn't leave Nicholas for the zombies, while Carol and Rick learn about Sam.... while ALL THAT IS HAPPENING, Gabriel is telling Deanna that this group is bad. They do bad things. They are the devil disguised in light. WHAT THE (insert swear here) !!!!

Well, so Maggie is hearing all that and I really hope that means that maybe, just maybe, she can diffuse that situation, but you know. I have a feeling that it's not going to be good.

So. I was so shaken up and worked up by that episode that it took me a good few hours to calm down and sleep! (It doesn't help that we get Walking Dead on our channel at 10 pm at night!)

Sheesh. And hopefully letting it all out here will be cathartic too! Wow. A gold star for anyone who read this whole crazy post!

Two more episodes and then we are done for the summer.

And so, what did you think of this one? Where you screaming and closing your eyes? Or did you calmly watch it all? Were you as attached to Noah as I was? Maybe you weren't and didn't care about him? Maybe you were just glad it wasn't Glen.

Oh P.S. Once upon a time when I was a kid, me and my six (at the time) younger siblings got stuck in a revolving door. We pushed and pushed and pushed until the whole thing crackled and rained down all over us! We were covered in tiny particles of glass! I don't know, but that door in that episode must have been a whole lot stronger than the door we broke!


  1. Yeah, it was intense. That's for sure. I am still in shock over the Noah thing. And, I hope Gabriel gets struck by lightening!!!

  2. Intense episode. I'm biting my nails as we get so close to the end. I think the new sweetness-and-light community is darker than we've been shown, and all hell is about to break loose. I have a theory that at the very least the community has done their own share of bad things.

  3. I sometimes feel like I'm missing out by not watching this one. I've decided to reward myself for finishing the basement with signing up for Hulu. Maybe I'll finally catch up on all these shows!

    1. Jenny: When/if you watch this one, I'll be here for you to talk to about it. It requires discussing, believe me! So intense!

  4. I have never watched The Walking Dead. I don’t even have the vaguest idea what it’s even about. But I had to read your spoiler rant :) I didn’t understand much other than people died. But I definietly couldn’t watch this show. I’m way too wimpy. I enjoyed watching it vicariously with you, though :)

    1. Jessica: LOL! I can't believe you read all this without knowing the show! People ALWAYS die, but when it's especially brutal and to an especially nice kid that we've all grown attached to, it's really hard! I was scared of this show when I first started too, but decided to go for it because of the characters. I have to close my eyes quite a lot but in reality, the special effects of all the zombie stuff is really quite fascinating. (And it's weird, compared to other shows this one is pretty clean language/sex wise. I guess it makes up for things in the violence department!)

  5. Ok, I can't even handle this episode because these people at the community are so blasted STUPID!!! How in heavens name have they survived??? Oh, that's right, they don't, not if they leave the walls because that means they are out there with Nicholas and Aiden who are cowards and abandon their friends at the smallest sign of danger. Ok I can understand being scared of the walkers, I really can! But don't pretend that you have your crap together and take people out that you are supposed to protect and then continually abandon them! And then when Glenn has a perfect plan, (I mean perfect, I was sitting there thinking how are they going to get out because if one side pushes the rotating door then the others are pushed into the horde of walkers? How do they get out of this???) to break the glass on his side to let him and Noah and then they will turn the door to let Nicholas out. Really good plan! But NO! Nick has to panic and push Glenn and Noah in with the walkers! Idiot!!! I couldn't watch the Noah kill... I could tell it was going to be bad, but I could hear it...

    AND I'm not so sure I would have been nice enough to let Nicholas ride in the car with me... I think I would have tied him to the top and hope he fell off or something... the little turd bucket!



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