Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Romance Likes

Wow, I guess we are fast approaching Valentines Day! Which means today's prompt from The Broke and the Bookish is romance related, specifically, what we like (or don't like as the case may be) with regard to romance in books.  I should have something to say on that, right?

Top Ten Things I Like In Romance Stories

1. Boy next door stories. I love them. When they are first friends, and then discover that they are now completely and totally in love....ah, it kills me every time.

2. An intense build up to the kiss. I hate it when the kiss happens early on. Tension tension tension! It's the best ever.

3. I like it when the bedroom door gets closed and what happens behind it is left up to our imagination. (Speaking of,  I like it when teenagers don't do it but are savvy enough to wait.)

4. I like romance stories when the two parties are from vastly different backgrounds or situations. (Like Branson and Sybil in Downton Abbey for instance.)

5. I'm old school and I like lots of chivalry demonstrated by the guy. Sweetness, gentlemanliness, and just plain being nice. It's huge.

6. Forbidden love is always fun.

7. Villains that fall in love are also a lot of fun.

8. Lots of banter... lots and lots of banter please!

9. Bad boys that fall in love and show their soft side. That's good too.

10. Another thing I love... lots of swagger. Swagger done right is the swooniest thing ever.

What do you enjoy in your romance stories? What did I forget?

(Basically this post reminded me of the swoony guest post I wrote last year. Remember that? Yeah, that was fun! Anyway, read that post and you'll totally see all the things I love in a romance!)


  1. I know what I don't like: LOVE TRIANGLES. lol

    1. Kelly: You know, sometimes I'm okay with them!

  2. Banter is the best thing in any relationship! Seriously, a romance isn't romance without great banter! My TTT

  3. Yes to all of it, especially swagger and banter! I also love brooding men.

  4. Yay for nice guys! And banter. And lots of build up. :)

  5. Love the boy next door story too. Villains falling in love... yes please!

    1. Jenny: I'll have to think about examples of that one...

  6. I love all the things you said. And, I think it villains falling in love would be interesting. I don't mind the sex as long as it's clean and not graphic, but I'd rather have the build up and the kissing. :)

  7. I don't read a lot of romance but what gets me every single time is the Cinderella story.



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